An Academic Conference To Discuss Game Of Thrones Plotlines And Theories

Academics are coming to the UK university from as far away as New Zealand to hear papers on Jon Snow’s death and resurrection.

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 It has been more than a week since the season finale of the popular HBO drama Game Of Thrones was aired and fans all around the world are having Monday blues already!

The final season of the series is supposed to release sometime in late 2018 or early 2019, leaving the GoT maniacs with nothing to do for a long long time. Of course they can re-watch and re-read the epic drama, but that would be about it. Well, not really, because now they have an academic conference to look forward to.

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Accordingto a report by The Independent, Hertfordshire University is organizing a two-day academic conference on the series in its De Havilland campus, UK.

The conference titled ‘Game of Thrones: An International Conference', will host academics from all over the world, who would be discussing various aspects of the show including the plotlines, fan theories and literary allusions.

"The show is such a huge phenomenon. I think about 31 million people worldwide watched the last episode of season seven. That is a huge, huge market. It can't just be because it was just a good story – although that was part of it. I want to really get to grips with the phenomenon, to get people talking about fans and viewing practices, and asking what makes the show so huge and popular," said Kim Akass, the organizer of the event, in an interview with The Independent.

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The conference will have papers on some really interesting topics. Some of the paper titles include, "After the Thrones as transmedia Quality paratext"; "Game of Thrones and Playing with Existential Explosive Plasticity"; "'We're going to need a bigger box of red crayons' – Adapting Game of Thrones for the adult coloring book market."

Apart from the papers mentioned above, the academics would also have discussions on broader themes like, "Power, Politics and Performance in A Song of Ice and Fire"; "Representations of Incest within Game of Thrones"; "Fan Theories … on Jon Snow’s Death and Resurrection"; and "Game of Thrones, a modern perception of Late-Medieval Life."

An academic appreciation society called George RR Martin Society will be launched on the first day of the conference. This society aims to discuss the works on the creator of the world of Westeros. The conference will close with “a first report from the Game of Thrones Audience Project”.

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