Cheaply Clichéd And Cringe-Worthy Pre-Wedding Videos Get A Hilarious Troll Reaction From Abish Mathew

Pre-wedding videos are painfully awkward, and Abish Mathew proved that right!

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Abish Mathew is one of India’s most well-known stand-up comedians on the block. He has returned to the comedy scene with Son of Abish Season 2, with his impeccable wit and Catholic humour.

The first episode opened with his hilarious take on the new fad that is now catching up in India: Pre-Wedding Videos!

As if pre-wedding photoshoots weren't stupid enough, now people have digressed to the cringe-worthy idea of pre-wedding videos! The comedian is in staunch opposition to this heinous torture and has strictly asked people to stop making them. He went ahead with his protest with the #LoveIsLove to beware all those who make these videos!

His hilarious dig at this mayhem, right from the groom walking in, to a cheesy romantic song and taking his 'Nakli' Raybans off to the bride waiting in the balcony with anticipation includes everything from the pretentious pre-wedding videos, like:

Puppy love.

Fake Rose petals falling.

Overdoing the PDA.

Honest props and locales.

Brutal song Lyrics.

It is a complete laugh riot.

His parody version of these 'Just for laughs Gags' sorta videos was something else, but bang on point!

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