Aamir Khan Wrestling With His 5 Year-Old Son Azad Is The Most Adorable Thing You Will Watch Today!

Azad captures all the attention in this Aamir Khan wrestling training video

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Aamir Khan took the box office by storm after release of Dangal and most people are already pinning it as the best movie of 2016 by far. His impeccable display of acting and his transitioning from a failed wrestler to an ambitious father, who trains his daughters to make them champions, was certainly a treat to watch.

The movie has lots of wrestling references and apparently the whole team put in massive efforts to make the references and sequences seem as real as possible. Hiring a professional ‘Kushti’ coach, doing lots of video analysis to make the scenes perfect and working overnight was an important part of their regime which made the movie so real and earthy.

This video shows the grit and determination displayed by Mr. Perfectionist and his whole team which is indeed amazing. Most importantly, the adorable scene where Aamir wrestles with his 5 year old son will definitely bring a smile on your face and make you go head over heels for the actor.

Watch out the video below - 

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