Aamir Khan Has The Perfect Take On Terrorists After Dhaka Terror Attacks

On Recent attacks which terrorized Bangladesh, Aamir Khan said that the people who spread terrorism in the name of religion are those who don’t follow it.

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Commenting on the recent attacks which terrorised Bangladesh, actor Aamir Khan said that the people who spread terrorism in the name of religion are the people who don’t actually follow it.

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Aamir Khan was asked about the growing terrorism and he stated, “People who spread terrorism or do it, have no connection with mazhab (religion), that’s what I think, then whether he is of any religion, Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian”.

He added, “However much as they say that they are doing it for religion, they have no relation with religion, because if they actually followed it, (they will know) mazhab teaches us love”.

His statement sounds like a throwback to the movie 26/11, in a conversation between Nana Patekar to Sanjeev Jaiswal (Kasab)? This has to be understood by the people who disrupt the peace in the country.  

When Aamir was asked about his views on whether controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik should be banned, he clearly ignored the question.

Probably in an attempt to clear the air after his “leaving India” controversy sometime ago, he has now pitched a better point.

Title Image: The Hindu

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