Linking Aadhar Number Mandatory On Amazon To Retrieve Lost Packages

In case you don’t have an Aadhar card, then be prepared to not have your complaints registered at the customer helpdesk.

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If you’re one of those who are relaxing because you’ve linked your Aadhar number to your PAN card, cellular service providers, bank account etc; then here’s something that will make you sit up.

The hassles of linking the Aadhar number has now been extended to Amazon as well!

The largest online store now asks its customers to upload their Aadhar details on its website, if they want to trace their lost packages.

In case if one fails to link the number and upload details, there is a substantial chance of delay or no resolution of customer grievances.

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Critics are left with a long face after this new policy of Amazon’s. They’ve voiced their concerns about the risk that is involved in building such an extensive ecosystem. The attempt is looked as an ‘enabler of mass surveillance’ by some reviewers. It also faces the threat of violating privacy since there are no comprehensive laws to ensure the security of the data collected.

The customers too are miffed and are widely condemning Amazon’s move. They are calling it as a not-so-necessary procedure, some even going to the extent of calling it ‘blackmailing’ of sorts into providing confidential details for availing a product they have already paid for.

According to the insiders, Amazon’s actions are backed by its need to verify the individuals who claim the lost packages.

With Amazon already in the news of defrauding its customers for sending soap bars instead of cell phones and various similar cases, critics think they should refrain from such moves until the customer confidence is regained.

Amazon told BuzzFeed News that it needed to authenticate the identity of individuals claiming missing packages, and preferred Aadhaar over other proofs as it was currently the most widely recognized ID in India.

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Wondering if you can get away without filling out the details? Well, turns out Amazon is determined to track your packages using any other government-certified identity proof, if not Aadhar number.

In case you don’t have an Aadhar card, then be prepared to not have your complaints registered at the customer helpdesk.

With Amazon being one of the first product services to ask for Aadhar details, we can sure see Airbnb, Uber, Ola etc joining the bandwagon sooner than later. Rumor has it that the global giants are scouting ways to make Aadhar a mandatory norm to avail their services.

In February, Microsoft made it a must for Indian users of Skype Lite, the latest version of video and voice calling app, to provide Aadhar authentication.

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