105 Year-old Made A World Record By Riding Bicycle For 22.547 Km In Just One Hour

Robert Marchand also hold the record in the 100 plus age category of riding 26.927 km - set in 2012.

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Someone rightly said nothing is impossible because the word itself says 'I'm possible'! Proving the statement right, Robert Merchand made a record by riding bicycle for 22.547 kilometers (14 miles) in just one hour in the 105 and plus age category.

French centenarian cyclist Robert Marchand, 105 (C) reactsSource: newsday

Robert Marchand shocked everyone with his amazing feat at such an old age. Marchand also hold the record in the 100 plus age category of riding 26.927 km - set in 2012.

Marchand, who was born on November 26, 1911, takes his fitness very seriously. His diets includes lots of fruits and vegetables, a little amount of meat and some coffee.

He has also competed in gymnastics at national level and has been a boxer.

Source: newsday

Robert Marchand leaves in a Parisian suburb with a meager pension of about 900 euros (USD 940). He was a firefighter at the time of World War 2.

Source: nbcnews

The current men's hour record is held by the UK's Bradley Wiggins - 54.526km - which he set in June 2015.

Title Image: businessinsider

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