A Tribute To Faraaz Hossein, Who Valued Friendship Over Life In The Dhaka Attacks

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The Dhaka terrorist attack has renewed our nightmares about the deadly terror attack of 26/11 in Mumbai, because of the many parallels between the two.


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In the terror attack in the Holey Artisan cafe in the Bangladeshi capital, terrorists walked in, separated the Muslims from the non-Muslims and proceeded to categorically kill the non-Muslims, almost all of whom were foreign nationals.

In this time of crisis, a show of integrity separated a young Muslim from those claiming to fight for their faith.

A 20-year old student from the Emory University, US, Faraaz Hossain, was allowed to walk free by the terrorists. But he refused to move on without his friends, two girls Abinta Kabir and Tarishi Jain. Some might say it was a foolish decision by Faraaz, but the true friend that he was, he disregarded his own safety and stuck with his friends, inviting death in the bargain.

Reportedly, 19-year old Tarishi Jain and Abinta Kabir were his close friends. The people inside the cafe were asked to recite verses from the Quran, to single out Muslims. Others, of course, had a death sentence upon them.


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According to New York Times, Abinta Kabir also belonged to a Muslim family, but despite that she wasn’t spared because she declared herself as a US citizen.

Abinta Kaur                    Faraz Hossain         Tarishi Jain


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Faraaz’s elder brother Zaraif told Times Of India,

"From what I have gathered, my brother was allowed to leave. But he had gone there with his friends and didn't want to leave them behind. So he had asked 'what about them?' When he was told that they couldn't leave, he decided to stay back. Muslims are not supposed to believe in violence. He was a true Muslim which is why he stayed back and proved to be one."

Our tribute to an exemplary friend and human being!

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