A New Gothic Black Ice Cream That Will Tease Your Taste Buds!

"Our signature black cones are naturally coloured with activated charcoal, and are hand rolled minutes before you get one."

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Who said summers aren't colourful? Every year it has something new to offer. It's not just dry climate painted in hues of orange and yellow. Now a new colour has been added to its palette. An LA-based ice-cream shop called Little Damage has come up with a novel concept of black ice cream and has already started creating a buzz all over the world.


The prettiest accessory to any @little.damage cone is an edible flower! Get them this weekend only! ????: @shoptikigirl ????

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If you step in this ice-cream parlour you won't come out disappointment because apart from the unique softies, the parlour allows the customer to take free pictures at their photo booth. And now, adding more to its appeal, let us reveal the secret of its black ice cream. Ta-da! It’s charcoal! Activated charcoal, to be precise, goes into the preparation of this magnificent gothic black ice-cream and that is what gives it this colour.

Little Damage ensures to serve you authentic ice-cream and reincarnates the ice-cream by giving a unique twist to it. The shop is run as a family business and with every changing season, they try to unleash new awesome ice-cream flavours.

Their official website claims

At least one vegan option will always be included in the rotation to accommodate those who are dairy free. Preparing our ice cream is a labour of love. Made daily in small batches we ensure a fresh, quality taste. Our signature black cones are naturally coloured with activated charcoal, and are hand rolled minutes before you get one.

If you are a true ice-cream lover then you should definitely book the tickets for LA and drop down at this heavenly ice-cream store.

Information source: food.ndtv

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