A Couple Tipped A Waiter $100 For Not Serving Them For 40 Minutes! Here’s Why

Think before you judge!

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Bad service at a restaurant is a reality. It could happen to anyone. The food could be bad, or the server could be rude or more commonly, the waiting time could be excruciatingly long.

Something similar happened to Makenzie and Steve Schultz in September 2014 when they decided to dine at a sushi restaurant. However, it took the waiter 20 minutes to get them water, another 40 for an appetizer and over an hour for entrée. They also noticed that all around them, people were complaining about the poor service and even jeering at the waiter.

But there was something that differentiated the Schultz from all others. The couple had worked at restaurants before and waited tables. And they knew just how difficult it can get working like that.

Hence when upon closer inspection they discovered that the mayhem was not the waiter’s fault but owed itself to under-staffing, which led to a single waiter catering to 12 tables, they decided to make the guy’s night. They tipped him $100 on top of their bill knowing fully well that he would be getting minimal to no tips that night because of the poor service.

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The only reason, as the Schultzs pointed out, was that they had been through the struggle that the guy was facing and just wanted him to feel good. It was their way of paying their regards to the incredibly hard-working professionals who are usually overlooked for their contribution.

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Needless to say, the kind and touching gesture and the thought behind the same is still popular and for every good reason in the book.

Consider this post the next time you get a bad service at a restaurant. It could lead to unexpected stories.

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