90's Style Illustrations Of Your Expectations About New Year's Eve, Versus The Reality

"31st ka kya plan hai?" is a more painful question than "1000 ke note ka kya karoon?"

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2016 is the year when everybody finally admitted that we all have equally boring lives. With so many people coming out of the celebration closet and lamenting the absence of any "plans", we thought of throwing back to a time when "31st party" meant chips, samosas and antakshari with your neighbours, before you hit the bed at 1 am. 

Remember those cute cliparts you used in your school PowerPoint presentations and felt like Picasso? We used those to express our real, actual situation on New Year's Eve. 

1. It all starts with your friends bragging about their "capacity"

2. State-of-the-art DJ? No sir! Bluetooth speakers hain na!

3. All wild party plans are abandoned as that one friend has already passed out at midnight!

4. Taking to the roads with your squad? How about Sooryavansham and Chill?

5. You want to ring in the New Year, but the warm blankets beckon...

6. You thought New Year would be about spending time with your SO. But there is no SO and stag entry to clubs is equal to the GDP of Romania.

7. Remember how you thought you'd be flooded with messages from all the people to whom you are important? Well...

Does your life suck more than ours? Come, let's devour that family-size bag of chips!

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