This 90 YO Granny Embellished The Entire Village By Painting Flowers On Houses

Anežka is a former agricultural worker and now loves to spend spring and summer seasons adorning houses in floral patterns.

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They say, hobby and creativity have no age bar and this 90-year-old lady just proved it right when she got a brush and a palette in those crinkled hands.  

Anežka (Agnes) Kašpárková, resides in Louka, Czech Republic and had a vision to make her hometown look aesthetic by drawing flowery designs on the windows and the door frames.

The lady got inspired from a local woman who had been doing this activity for years.

Following the traditional Moravian (southern Czech) artwork combined with the bright blue paint just makes the floral patterns look more vibrant and beautiful.

Talking about this passion of hers, she said,

 I am an artist, I just enjoy it and I want to help.

Information source: boredpanda

All images sourced from: boredpanda

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