9 Web Series Actors Who We Have Come To Love More Than Our Bollywood Stars!

With their fan base ever growing, these web series actors have become very famous in no time.

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You watch all their episodes and videos religiously. You follow them on Snapchat and Instagram. You love them just as much as you love your filmstars and cricketers.

These are our INTERNET favs! In the age where we say content is king, these people feel like amongst us and we just can't seem to get enough of them!

Sumeet Vyas

Source: chaiwithshai

Arey Mickkiiiyy Bhaiya ko toh aapne kabse dekh rakha hai! Permanent Roommates was in itself instrumental in bringing a rapid change in Indian entertainment. Youngsters stopped watching soppy shows on TV and kept waiting for the weekly episodes online. And Sumeet Vyas aka Mikesh was our first ever web hero!

The naïve Miku stole all our hearts with his clingy boyfriend act that most young men found totally relatable and mostly laughable. No doubt his skills as an actor are profound with PM and now Tripling bearing testimony to that.

Namit Das

Source: youngsterchoice

Now Sumit Sambhal Lega, Everybody Loves Raymond’s hilarious Indian version wouldn’t have become our absolute favourite had it not been for the adorable and talented actor Namit Das!

Namit Das is a pretty known guy on the online front with Hotstar and his amazing short film like The last Day and Jangle Bells. He has been on our ‘cutie pie’ radar right from the time he played the cool friend Rishi to Ranbir Kapoor in Wake Up Sid!

Mithila Palkar

Source: redfuel

Official Chukyagiri, Little Things and Girl in the City!

This girl with her curly hair entangled us right into her charm and has now become the face of the Indian web scenario. Her bubbly and cute demeanour and exuberant dressing styles have made her a style icon for young girls these days.

Amol Parashar

Source: missmalini

He is the newest kid on the web block and my god he is making waves! Chitvan with his blue hair and 'Motherf**ker' Dj tunes was the most entertaining character on Tripling and his crazy vibes are definitely here to stay because the Indian crowd has taken to him wholeheartedly.

He might have been all jokerish and funny on his show but his recent Tanishq ad where he is an emotional son says a lot about him as an actor and we can't wait to see more of him on screen, really!

Maanvi Gagroo

Source: bollywoodirect

Do you remember seeing her in a teenage drama on Disney's Dhoom Machao Dhoom? On and off with her acting stints, Maanvi Gagroo finally made her mark when she played the perfect girlfriend in Pitchers!

Before she got typecasted as the ideal marriage material as she had the Indians drolling over her Princess role in Tripling as well, Maanvi has viral videos like “Every Bombay Girl in the World” to her credit as well!

Nidhi Singh

Source: instagram

Starting her career with roles of a typical girlfriend, Nidhi Singh became an internet sensation with Permanent Roommates. Her girl-next-door demeanour got her rave reviews and with season two she has now become a youth icon portraying the Indian girl today full of ambition and aspiration but also backed by a heart of gold.

Jitendra Kumar

Source: hindustantimes

Jeeetttuuuuu! That uncanny Arvind Kejriwal impersonation  And then he won our hearts over with Munna Jazzbaati!

The good boy with streaks of madness!

His image of a sanskaari bachcha in Pitchers rooting for family with his passions lost in translation brought him to our great regard. Since then Jitendra Kumar has become synonymous with sugar, sometimes spice but overall very nice!

Mallika Dua

Source: jaipurliteraturefestival

She dropped a bomb with her hilarious Girliyapa video taking a jibe at sleazy men and bechaari single girls. After that, she hasn't looked behind and is known as one of the finest female comedians of recent times with her so-so-funny Snapchats and crazy Girliyapa videos. Her latest gig in The Trip won her a lot of appreciation from audiences and critics alike.

Naveen Kasturia

Source: youtube

Now he is our absolute favourite now! Isn't he? Kasturia has appeared in three short films - Pure-Veg, Interior Café and Half Ticket where he has played a variety of characters in a melange of emotions.

If we may daresay he is pretty much the Shahrukh Khan of Indian web with his subtle style and versatile scope of acting. 

The adorable Naveen is the perfect new age lover, adorable brother, friend and the best Pitcher on the Indian web scene and we can't seem to get enough of him.

We are looking forward to seeing a lot of them in the coming times.

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