9 Egg Cooking Disasters By The “Cannot Even Boil An Egg” People

3. That’s how the core of the Universe looked just after the Big Bang.

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Some people are born chefs. Others need fire safety equipment and a permit from the Government before even venturing near the kitchen.

On World Egg Day, we bring you the adventures of some of these bravehearts whose love for eggs turned on them:

1. The ones on the left are Deviled Egg Chicks too. They’re just hungover.

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2. Pro Advice: If you are not Martha Stewart, don’t do what she claims to do with eggs in the oven.

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3. That’s how the core of the Universe looked just after the Big Bang.

Source: pintfail

4. When Deviled Eggs fell into that vat of chemicals which produced The Joker.

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5. I’d like my eggs scrambled with a coating of Teflon please!

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6. You know how you sometimes want to have Apples for breakfast?

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7. The area was evacuated on time. Unfortunately, the eggs could not be rescued.

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8. For a little extra calcium in your breakfast!

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9. For the record, that is supposed to be Egg Souffle.

Source: skilletpunk

You see that is why we have cereal!

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