9 Daily Awkward Encounters That All Of Us Have Definitely Experienced

Some incidents are so embarrassing that we choose to avoid comments or conversations about them. Here we have for you 9 daily awkward encounters

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There are a few moments everyday which bring the zing in your daily mundane life. These incidents are so embarrassing that we choose to avoid comments or conversations about them. Here we have for you 9 daily awkward encounters, stories of your own lives!

1. The one with the door:

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Your first week at the office, a colleague holds the door open for you. So you  have no choice but to jog as you are a bit too far from the door!

2. The one with the change:

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You wait for the pizza delivery guy to return you your one rupee as your bill costed 499 bucks only!

3. The one with the handshake:

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That awkward moment when you extend a warm handshake and the other greets with nothing but a smile!

4. The one with the door fail:

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The common sense battle between “PULL” & “PUSH”! The door reads it out loud goddamnit!

5. The one with the wrong wave:

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When you realise that the person you waved back was keen on greeting someone behind you! Hello stranger!

6. The one with lift convos:

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You can’t help running into each other as you have same office times. You enter the lift and run out of topics to start the small talk! Awkward!

7. The one with the corridors:

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When you see someone walking towards you in a long hallway, do you nod and keep walking or do you pretend not to see him until you come closer? Damn the confusion!

8. The one with the last slice:


It is your first office colleague party and there lies the last piece of the yummy pizza! Do you hop on the opportunity or play the sophisticated member?

9. The one with the name:

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You bump into a long lost friend you met a couple of times, and then she gives you her phone number! Curse your mindless memory!

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