8 times Ted Mosby From 'How I Met Your Mother' Put Sense Into Our Heads

Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor is a well-known protagonist of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. Ted is not only a big romantic but also a great professor.

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Ted Mosby, played by Josh Radnor is a well-known protagonist of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother. From stealing the blue French horn to dressing up as hanging chad every Halloween, Ted is not only a big romantic but also a great professor in reel life. In the middle of telling his whole life story to his kids, he taught them many life-changing lessons. Let’s all have a look:

1. Nothing good happens after 2 am

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This could sound like an advice from your granny, but trust Ted this time. Nothing good can happen after 2 am for as you might go out of your mind and do things you would never have done during normal awake hours. Ted lied to Robin about breaking up with Victoria, and no matter how much Barney convinces that the night got legend wait-for-it dary after 2 am, poor teddy westside still remembers it as a night where he made a bad mistake he cannot undo.

2. Enjoy the life

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/f6/b9/89/f6b989310e86362ace7e5c0dfae38b5b.jpgSource: pinterest

The journey is all about enjoying the little details of life like they were never to happen again. It’s about living each moment even if it were to end. End is inevitable and that shouldn’t be a reason to knock you down. Stand right back up because,

Haaaaaave you heard Ted?

He’s right.

3. Trust the Universe

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You might get sad when things don’t go your way or when people leave, but remember the time when Ted told you this. Everything eventually boils down to making way for things you have always wanted and places you have always wanted to go. Keep patience and trust the universe for its course.

4. Take chances and risks

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If your dream doesn’t make you sleep, then it’s a dream worth living for. If your dream doesn’t make you shiver when you think of it, then it’s a dream not good enough. And if you have not been risking everything and taking chances, then Ted will ask, what the hell are you doing?

5. Make mistakes and don’t regret

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Sometimes, you aren’t left with a choice but to make mistakes. And it’s okay to make mistakes and fall down because you know you’re going to stand right back up. Don’t be afraid when life leaves you with no choice, make your decisions and live your life with goals, keeping your worries at bay.

6. You can always let it go

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If something makes you unhappy, the best thing that you can do is let it go. Keep those things and people that give you positive emotions. But those who give you negative ones, instead of making it get into your nerves, you can simply let it go like a pro.

7. There’s a reason your past is in your past, right?

https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/564x/4f/5b/d7/4f5bd748be88452deec37dbdb77b21b2.jpgSource: pinterest

Sometimes we tend to get struck behind the walls of our past, and no matter how better it might feel to go back to the memories, as Robin wisely puts it, it’s a mistake. It won't change no matter how hard you try. So, try to let go of your past and it will be the best thing you can do to yourself.

8. How about holding on and never letting go?

https://66.media.tumblr.com/3ddc7d7a51f36b89da84212833b777e7/tumblr_inline_o81ozbBUzI1t6du2x_500.gifSource: tumblr

We can just try and pry off everything from our shoulders and never feel a thing, but if you have something or someone worth holding on to, then what holds you back?

Life’s just as difficult as it seems and just as easy as you can make it. While we will always have Ted to advise us, the choice is always yours.

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