8 Things That Only People Born In November Can Relate To

So who is November-born here?

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Crystal hearted and loyalist, people born in November are intellectually, emotionally as well as physically nifty. These people either fall under the Zodiac sign of Scorpio or Sagittarius. According to a study by University of Chicago, they have a better chance than others to live a long, healthy life till a ripe old age. If you’re born in this month, then we bet you would relate to these situations readily. Let’s take a look at them:

1. You’re always misunderstood

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Possessing a secretive demeanor and being apt with taking all the blame, you find it difficult for people to understand you with or without your expression and when people do not fulfil your expectations, you feel you are misunderstood more often than not.

2. You always have an out-of-the-box attitude

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Innovation is a part of you. You think differently and come up with new ways of solving the problems. Brimming with creativity, you tend to stand out from the lot.

3. You make the most loyal friend

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Born in November, your personality entails loyalty and trustworthy conduct. You can run mountains and cross rivers for your friends and you would never deceive them.

4. You’re an attention magnet

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You come with a big box of charisma and attractiveness. Many people may get jealous of your charm, but it wouldn’t make you less attractive anyway. Attracting attention in a big crowd is like a cakewalk because of your irresistible personality and charismatic manner.

5. You’re really hardworking

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No compromise with work and relations. If you make a commitment, you do not delay or err. If you have said it, you’ll do it. You’re diligent and you tend to complete your task with workforce and knowledge, that too, on time. Moreover, you would not fall short of criticizing those who don’t stand by their words.

6. You cannot tolerate injustice

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There is no room for injustice. You stick to the rules when it comes to right and wrong and you are one of the ‘no-bullshit’ kind of people. You stand up for your decisions and are not afraid to put forth your opinions.

7. You can get too emotional

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Being utterly emotional and possessing deep sentiments, you tend to get vulnerable by portraying your exact self in front of others. Being soft-hearted and being unable to hold your emotions, you can open up easily and people might use this behavior against you.

8. You can be easily provoked

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Usually, you keep a safe distance from fights and quarrels; but when situation forces you or when people provoke you, you can lose your temper and patience.

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