8 Problems That Only People Who Wear Glasses Can Understand

6 out of 10 people wear glasses, so it means that 6 out of ten people face these problems.Before you remove their glasses,read with us and relate:

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For someone wearing glasses since long, it may seem to you that it’s habitual for them and they might not face any problems with it. But is it really so? 6 out of 10 people wear glasses, so it means that 6 out of ten people face these problems. And before you remove their glasses and ask them if they could see the number of fingers you hold up to them, read with us and relate:

1. The fog

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While sipping your brewed coffee or while on the steam bath, or in the middle of any change in temperature around your face, your glasses fog up and you can’t really see.

2. 3D Movies

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Fan of 3D movies? I’m sure you always have a hard time adjusting your 3D glasses above your regular ones, or maybe the other way round.

3. The rainy season

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You cannot, cannot and cannot wear your glasses while you’re out on a rainy day. Your eye-wear gets rain drops all over it blocking your eye-sight and makes you want to use a windshield wipers.

4. The dance

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You just have an option of dancing decently so that your glasses don’t slid down your nose. But is it even fun?

5. Swimming

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Want to go swimming? You better have your swim goggles bigger than your eye-wear. Else you won't be able to see.

6. Smudging up frequently

Source: Wikihow

How do they smudge up every time? It’s beyond the reach of human mind. Every time you feel like it’s smudged up and you can’t see clearly, there is a constant need to clean your eye-wear.

7. Exercising

Source: Theodysseyonline

Want to go to gym? Love to cycle? That’s a really tough job because every time you exercise, your nose ridge gets sweaty and your eye wear keeps slipping off. And the worst part is, sometimes you don’t even need any exercise to make it happen.

8. When you lose your glasses

Source: iblindness

When you lose your eye-wear, you can’t find it because you obviously need to be able to see to look for them. And sometimes they’re high up resting on your head and you go off searching for them and people think of you as a comedian.

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