8 Peculiar Things Your Body Does That Are Actually Defense Mechanisms!

*sneeze sneeze* Bless you! *sneeze sneeze* Bless you!

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Indeed, it’s a blessing! Every tiny strange response your body gives is its own way of protecting itself from all things external and harmful. God’s most creatively designed machine has a very strong immune system but like they say prevention is better than cure and defense is better than immunity. And the human body works day and night to do so. So now let’s see how our body helps us every day.


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When our nasal passage fills up with too many dust particles, bacteria and other pollutants, sneezing is the body’s way of removing these external elements and facilitate clear breathing.


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When our body gets overheated or overloaded, yawning helps us cool it down and balance the loss of energy.

Myoclonic jerks

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Myoclonic jerk is that strange feeling when you are lying down to sleep and are suddenly jolted for a second, like a tiny electric shock or missing a step. When you begin to fall asleep, the frequency of your breathing rapidly falls. While your pulse slows down only very slightly, your muscles are relaxed which can be fatal and myoclonic jerks are body's way of telling the brain about the inherent danger.  

Muscle spasm too get a similar reaction from the body.


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When we eat very quickly, gulp or swallow  food, or even overeat, our pneumogastric nerve is burdened and hiccupping is the way of the body to let us know that our stomach and diaphragm is under duress.

Wrinkling of wet skin

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When our body comes in contact with a lot of moisture it understands that the environment will become slippery and wrinkling is the body's way to change the texture of the skin so that it is easier for you to grip on to things.


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When there is irritation or inflammation of the surface of the eye or if we feel dryness or allergatic, tears are released to combat these issues by cleaning and lubricating the eyes.


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When we get up in the morning or after some time of inactivity, our body instinctively prepares for the upcoming load on the body and stretching is the body's way to work the muscles, restore the blood flow, and improve our mood. 


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When our bodies loses heat through the pores of our skin, during winters or other panic situations, Goosebumps help in warming up the body and maintain the body temperature.

So while we tax our bodies by working late, partying hard and crash dieting we should actually be thankful to it and not burden our system and take a good care of it!

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