8 Foods That Look Like Your Body Parts And Keep Them Healthy!

Veggies may actually look similar to human eyes, bones, heart and even pancreas. The astonishing thing is these vegetables and foods look similar to human body.

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Veggies may actually look similar to human eyes, bones, heart and even pancreas. The astonishing thing is these vegetables and foods doesn’t just look similar to our body organs but also help that particular organ to remain healthy! Be it your stomach or lungs these foods should definitely be on your list.  Read further to know more about these natural delights.

1. Ginger – Stomach

http://www.healthista.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Ginger-and-stomach-foods-that-look-like-the-body-part-theyre-good-for-by-healthista.jpgSource: Healthista

Yes! Ginger looks like stomach and helps in digestion. From ancient time, ginger has been used as a remedy for stomach issues. The main ingredient in ginger is called Gingerol and is responsible for the strong taste and the scent it has. It is also listed in USDA of all phytochemicals since it prevents nausea and vomiting. Ginger should be also taken in winters to keep the body warm.

2. Tomato – Heart

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-9hgWCqg2AFU/T8Cb-QhyYsI/AAAAAAAAAIw/fd6yydj-jWU/s1600/Tomatoes.jpgSource: Theinsultinginsults

No, Tomato is not responsible for your heart failure and for your love. But tomato also has four chambers just like our human heart and is red in color. Recently research shows that tomatoes are loaded with lycopene which does not contain any impurity and is indeed is excellent for heart. Tomato helps in circulation and keeps heart healthy. It is also responsible for being light food and can be combined and mixed with anything.

3. Kidney Beans – Kidney

http://www.sobeys.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/kidney-beans.jpgSource: Sobeys

Kidney beans are shaped exactly like human kidneys and hence have this name. Apart from this they help in maintaining function of kidneys and providing a large number of varieties of minerals and vitamins. Overall kidney beans are responsible for keeping your kidneys healthy and can be consumed as a part of balanced diet. So if your kidneys are diseased you should actually increase the intake of kidney beans in your diet and it will be always beneficial for you.

4. Grapefruit – Breast

http://www.healthess.com/wp-content/uploads/images/wppipes/2016-07/606e185648.jpegSource: Healthess

Grapefruits contain substances called limonoids which have been shown to inhibit the development of cancer in human breast cells. Grapefruits, oranges and other citrus fruits resemble female mammary glands for real! They also help in the movement of lymph which is responsible for in and out movement in breasts. So if you really want to stay away from cancer than eat grapefruit and stay healthy.

5. Carrot – Eye

http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-ZtV0ceO9Mnw/UcCAK392ChI/AAAAAAAABCs/XDHeBO7sSO0/s1600/carroteye.jpgSource: Vegetarianshatevegetables

A sliced carrot really resembles an eye and has patterns of radiating lines that just look like the pupil and iris. Carrot’s orange color comes from Beta-carotene, the substance present in carrot for vibrant color. Again carrot helps to maintain healthy eyesight, protects against macular degeneration and also protects from cataracts. Carrots are really good for eyes and one should always invlude them in the diet.

6. Celery – Bone

http://rawjuiceguru.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/celery-not-as-blue.jpgSource: Rawjuiceguru

Celery looks like bone structure and they are specifically given to eat because of the bone strength they give. Celery also contains silicon, which is partly responsible for strengthening bones. Just like bones are 23% sodium, celery is also 23% sodium so to keep your bones strong and healthy celery is must.

7. Grapes – Lungs

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JqKWa0z9bmU/VaDc6_OGY7I/AAAAAAAAEDw/1zS-7pJJVlA/s1600/2.jpgSource: Woobleweb

Grapes always resemble the alveoli of the lungs. The function of alveoli is to pass from the lungs to the bloodstream and a high diet of fresh grapes also has been shown to reduce lung cancer.  Since grape seeds contain proanthocyanidin, it can also reduce the severity of allergy-triggered asthma. Grapes are also known for losing weight so one should increase intake of grapes and keep lung cancer at bay.

8. Avocados – Uterus

http://www.bet.com/content/bet/news/lifestyle/photos/2013/11/the-best-worst-foods-for-your-sex-life/_jcr_content/mainCol/imagegallerycontainer/galleryimage_1.custom0x0.dimg/061013-health-avocado-food-healthy.jpgSource: Bet

Avocados are shaped like uterus and they also balance hormones! They prevent cervical cancer and the amazing fact is just like an avocado takes exactly 9 months to grow from a flower to fruit, it takes exactly 9 months for a baby to fully develop in the womb. So for girls dealing with hormonal changes eat avocados, and balance hormones naturally.

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