8 Drama Queen Reactions You Must Learn From Asin On Her Birthday!

“Ragad ragad kar saaf karo…..mere hathon ko maaf karo”

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Asin who made her debut in Bollywood with Ghajini in 2008 opposite Aamir Khan has since won three Filmfare Awards, as well as our hearts. Today on her birthday, we list out 8 reactions Asin taught us, thus claiming the title of the ultimate Drama Queen:

1. When it is Diwali time and mom makes you wash your own clothes and like Kalpana from Gajhni you be like,

“Ragad ragad kar saaf karo…..mere hathon ko maaf karo”

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2. When your crush says “hi” and you are so excited that all that you hear is:

Source: tumblr

3. When in a class, the teacher asks a question you know the answer to (once in a blue moon) and you want to shout out yet be polite:

Source: forumsal

4. When bae asks for some space and you be like:

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5. When you nail your winged eyeliner:

Source: tumblr

6. When the parking guard in college finds you your lost vehicle key:

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6. And finally it is a “good hair” day:

Source: umblr

8. The fake calmness you exhibit when bae asks you out for a coffee:

Source: tumblr

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