8 Crazy Types Of Couples That You Tend To Meet

For all those people out there who have dated once in a life time (or who are still dating, no offense), we have these categories in which you can fit.

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Couples can be both, adoring as well as cute. But has it occurred to you that when they get too adorable and too cute, they forget that they’re crossing the limits and so they become cheesy and ‘just too much’?

So for all those people out there who have dated once in a life time (or who are still dating, no offense), we have these categories of couples that you are to definitely meet once in a lifetime!

1. The Way-Too-Sweet Couple

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When the names like Honey and Baby aren’t enough, they use the Indian especials - Babu and Shona and all those names that are everything else but melody to our ears. And to add cherry to the top, they invent their own names that they think are sweet, but are really too much to be sweet.

2. The Creepy Couple

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These are the couples who can never get their hands off each other. I mean guys, we are here, right in the same room, and we got eyes and we can see you crystal clear. Please don’t underestimate our existence. Get a room.

3. The Show-Off Couple

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These couples typically show off everything and everything. They aren’t afraid of how much hatred and jealousy they gain when they try to flaunt their twin-iPhones and call it ‘Relationship Goals’ or worse, when they wear same T-shirts quoted He’s mine and She’s mine.

Yeah, like we care. *eyeroll*

4. The Social Couple

Source: thegloss

They can be found on any social media (and nowhere else perhaps). Be it Instagram, Facebook or even Snapchat, they will be everywhere on each other’s walls and pictures and comments and they literally leave no space for any other human existence. And the worst? They make us roll our eyes when they upload long captions of how much they love each other. I mean people, get a personal chat.

5. The Baby-Talk Couple

Source: hollywood

Aww, Shona babu!

And such phrases are a no-no even when you’re dating someone. But when you’re not dating someone and when you hear a couple make creepy baby noises and talk like they want to desperately sound cute, you want to pour some sense into their heads. Literally.

6. The I-Want-To-Gift-You-Everything Couple

Source: pinterest

This couple is typically the one who would gift each other everything (even if it includes themselves). They don’t even wait for Birthdays or Valentines. They make up their own dates, like first handshake, first haircut together, first shared pizza day, first fight and what not!

Seriously guys, how do you do that?

7. The Check-Her-Out-She’s-So-Hot Couple

Source: Quickmeme

When you see a couple who’d set themselves up with other people and who’d ask each other to check out other hot guys/girls, oh it really makes you feel sick, doesn’t it?

You are not allowed to live on this planet anymore.

8. The Abusive Couple

Source: elcrema

These couples are loud speakers and all they do is abuse and fight in front of everyone. But hey, have you considered solving your issues privately?

And how can you abuse someone you really love? That’s off the limits, my friend.

So did you think of any particular couple while reading this? Or do you have any other type of couple that you have met?

Let us know below!

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