Fiction Is Good For Heart: 8 Benefits Of Reading That Will Make You Read More

Reading is discovered to be good for your mental health.Let’s see these awesome benefits of reading that will make you read more and more and never stop.

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The pitter-patter of the rains on your window, the petrichor filling all the air around you, making you jump into your comforters and get a brewed coffee by your side; But wait, something’s missing. Your favorite book from your collection!

Ah, monsoon (or any other season) can never be without books. You might have met some bibliophiles and you might have also met those who stay as away from books as humanly possible. Our school system ruined the way people think of ‘books’. They never seem to recognize that books give us great pleasure, not pain. Reading is discovered to be good for your mental health and also for your heart. Let’s see these awesome benefits of reading that will make you read more and more and never stop:

1. Reading can broaden your knowledge

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If you had everything to lose right now, all your materialistic possessions and those who surround you, one thing that you can’t lose is your knowledge. Reading can inculcate knowledge in a way that nobody else can.

2. Reading may widen your perspective

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When you read a book, you look through the eyes of the author and you walk a mile in the writer’s shoes and just for those few pages, you put away your thoughts and your opinions and you pay heed and look at things the way writer wants you to look. That’s how you learn to look at the world with a different perspective every time you pick up a book and start reading!

3. Reading will boost your self-esteem

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Reading a lot many books will expose the language to you in a way that will improve your understanding of the language as well as help you expand your vocabulary. It will lift your confidence and boost your self-esteem when you would be out in the front speaking in public, presenting yourself and setting up a first impression with the fluency and ease of articulation inculcated by reading.

4. Reading can help reduce your stress

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When you read a book, you immerse yourself in it so artlessly that you pry yourself off from all the world around you and you give yourself away to a whole different world of art that, for those pages, makes you forget about your troubles and worries. That’s how reading brings with itself a pleasure that can reduce stress and induce tranquility.

5. Reading can increase your memory

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As you go through the pages slowly, say for a novel of a couple of hundred pages, you find a need to remember all the little details of the characters and the story in order to associate it with other details and discover the hidden meanings and morals of the novel. Reading fiction in particular, in a way, increases your memory and also improves your focus and attention.

6. Reading can make you grow as a human

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Reading great classics and fiction can take you to a world you have never been to, can make you feel the pain of the characters you have never met and can make you rejoice in the victory of the battles you have never fought. If you read fiction, it makes you experience so many emotions that help you grow and make you more human than you have ever been.

7. Reading can make your heart grow fonder

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Getting in the shoes of the fictitious characters can make you feel others' pain, understand others' situations and can help you look at the world with their eyes. Reading can help you be more understanding and more empathetic as a human. It can help your heart feel emotions that you have never experienced before and can make your heart beat like it has never beaten before.

8. Reading may widen your imagination

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Imagination, as rightly said, has no limits. While you can conjure up all you want but as long as you’re reading, your imagination is widening and the more you read, the broader you can think and the better you can imagine.

Reading isn't just associated with and limited up to your prescribed books from the schools and universities. It has many more roles to play in your life than just a medium to study for your exams. Reading, as much as we can think of, has a lot more than these 8 benefits to it.

As knowledge can never ruin you, reading too, can never bring you any loss with it.

Read as long as you can, as much as you can and as farther as you can take it for as it is only for your benefit.

Happy reading!

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