7 Types Of People You Tend To Meet In Your College Life

The college season is on and while everyone is frantically trying to get admission in a good college.We are here to give you a heads up on the types of people.

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The college season is on and while everyone is frantically trying to get admission in a good college, we are here to give you a heads up on the types of people you’ll meet. Let’s have a look:

1. The braggers

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These people are out there, in every college, boasting about everything and anything under the sun. They think too much of themselves and it eventually makes them land up nowhere. You know it that they’re lying, and they know it that they’re speaking too much, but alas! They would never stop.

"Arey, you know? I went to this party in Mumbai and guess who did I meet there? Salman Khan. And you know we danced and had a lot of fun."

Oh, yeah, we could believe that.

2. The broke

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These are the people who are always broke and who always forget their wallets somewhere. Or maybe they just ain’t got no wallet. They’ll always ask for your phone to call someone up and they’ll always ask you to pay for them. But why god why?

"Hey, I forgot my wallet, can you pay for my parking space?

Yeah, sure. That’s why I come to college every day."

3. The gossip squad

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The group of girls with their typical girly laughter, who have to talk about everything from Kabir’s shoes to Priya’s crush. And these girls are so easy to spot! They function in a simple way: They make sure that they talk irrelevant details into someone’s completely unrelated ears about someone they don’t even know.

"You know I saw Akash last night with with Kabir and they were totally talking a'bout Krati who’s got a crush on Rohan. Can you believe it? I think Kabir likes Shikha."

Yes, that totally makes sense!

4. The Fashionista

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These are those people who’ll always stay upbeat with fashion trends with their hair colored, their nails painted and their eyes worked up with kohl. They might sometimes flaunt and you might sometimes hate it, but secretly, you adore them for being so up-to-date.

5. The party-seekers

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There are some people who just want you to pay for their food for no reason at all. They are just hungry and broke at the same time, in the same place and under the same canteen roof as you.

"Yaar, she broke-up with me.

Kya baat hai! Break-up party toh banti hai boss. *Wink wink*"

6. The mean-menaces

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In case your college life wasn’t difficult enough, they’ll make sure that it gets difficult. These are the people who’ll always, always be mean to you for no reason at all.

"Hey, it’s my birthday today!

Oh, good for you. Tell your parents that I say sorry."

7. The senior

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Be it guys or girls, you will always find this one senior everybody has a secret crush on. No, not any of your classmates, but that one senior you can’t get your eyes off. And if you’re already done with college, I bet you’re thinking about him/her right now!

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