7 Things You Should NOT Do At Starbucks

Some things are bad, some things are worse, and then there are these 7 things.


Be it consistent rambling about the coffee one wants, or be it the rhetorically ignorant queries, nobody wants to look like a pretentiously ingenious fool out there ordering something they never heard of or saying something they never should. So we at Reacho are here to save you from some singular embarrassments (and of course, save them some consumer troubles) and bring to you these 7 things that you should NOT at Starbucks do in any circumstances whatsoever:

1. Holding up the line by saying, ‘What should I order? What. Should. I. Order. Hmmm.’

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While you’re at disrupting the queue, the customers behind you are getting angrier with every minute that you contemplate your order and there’s a high risk that they’ve already mentally killed you.

2. Ordering while on your phone

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Ordering while using your phone is not only rude, but it also paves way for misunderstandings between consumer and servers. This, in turn, can cause unsatisfactory experience which is something you wouldn’t want.

3. Ordering a ‘Frappe’

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A ‘Frappe’ is a beverage you would get at CCD or McD and not at Starbucks. If you ask for a ‘Frappe’ instead of a ‘Frappuccino’, you’d be judged.

4. Ordering without mentioning the size

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It’s like you’re shopping for your clothes without telling them your size and when they give you an extra-large, you scorn at them with resentment caused by their ignorance. If you never tell them, they’ll never know. You get the idea, don’t you? It’s a big NO-NO.

5. Asking if you can have an extraordinary beverage that wasn’t on the menu and was never prepared before

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No, you can’t.

6. Saying that you’re in a hurry and you want your drink quick

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Orders are taken orderly and prepared by order with order and if you’re way behind in the queue, you’ll have to wait and there’s no other way around.

7. Asking, ‘Is this mine?’

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If you’ve ordered a short iced drink and there’s one large hot drink kept aside, then there’s a slight chance that it isn’t yours.

Don’t you think?

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