7 Reasons Why We All Need A Ted Mosby From How I Met Your Mother In Our Lives

Ted Mosby, the protagonist and narrator of the sitcom, will always remain in our hearts and amid his little quirks and genius, will always top our list of favor

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After 9 seasons, 208 episodes, 8 slaps, 3 Canadian pop music videos, countless failed relationships and one perfect mother revealed, How I Met Your Mother came to an end. No matter how many times we re-watch the old episodes, they make us laugh louder, cry harder and feel stronger. While HIMYM will never get old even when the characters' hair go all white; we will always cherish and reminiscence the long gone seasons of tears, pleasure and empathy. Ted Mosby, the protagonist and narrator of the sitcom, will always remain in our hearts and amid his little quirks and genius, will always top our list of favorites. And, here’s why we all need at least ONE Ted Mosby in our lives and we’ve put together these reasons to support our argument. Let’s have a look:

1. He’s uniquely a hopeless romantic

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Not just a mundane and dull hopelessly romantic guy, no, he is much more than that. He doesn’t just want to find his soul-mate, but he also hopelessly wants to fall in love with her. Every single time, he goes out of his way for the girls he dates. Even in the ups and downs and in the middle of almost giving up: he never loses his faith. He never gives up. That’s a rare quality in a friend we find these days.

2. He’s an architect

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If the show didn’t quite precise it with a captivating protagonist, then let me voice it out for you - Architects are hot! And so, no matter how unsuccessful he was in the beginning and how he was the architect of the New York’s prominent skyscraper; ladies would always drool over him when he told them he was an architect. Who wouldn’t want to have a cool friend who’s an architect and doesn’t belong to the stereotype?

3. He’s a genius!

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An architect cum professor, Ted Mosby’s favorite pass time is to solve New York Crossword Puzzles. He is into philosophy and can artlessly hold an intellectual conversation with the brightest of the lost about literature and fine arts. I guess we could do with such a friend once in a while, nay?

4. He’s the most relatable character in the sitcom

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Being encased with failures and several downs of life; he is, at a point in his life, a failed architect with a failed relationship and has unfulfilled dream which became vague from being vivid. All his life he looks out for a perfect soul-mate and spends most significant part of his life searching for her who’d fit in the puzzle of Ted Mosby. But, eventually, spends (or should I precise it as wastes) years on girls who’d never fit him and makes the most stupid of the mistakes.

To make it short, he’s just like us. We can relate to him as well as empathise with him. After all, isn’t it always good to have someone around who’s like our own reflection?

5. He has his own little quirks

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Possessing a unique flair in its character, Ted Mosby, by far, is the best character in the show (except if you loooove Barney unconditionally). Firstly, because he falls in love with someone who’s incompatible with him. Secondly, even though he is a genius, he never tends to use any of his street smartness and intelligence when he faces tough situations. And thirdly, he is equally as vulnerable as you.

He is a pure reflection of a spectator, someone each person can relate to without frown or difficulty. That’s how he makes up the case for the best character.

6. He can go out of his way for you

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Remember the blue French horn or the rain dance?

Ted loves unconditionally and if it concerns your pleasure, he would climb that mountain and cross that river, just for you. Don’t we all crave for such boundless and infinite attachments and bonds, that even if they last for just for a while, feel like a lifetime?

7. He strongly believes in The Bro Code

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“The Bro Code” invented by Barney Stinson is bounded by many rules and guidelines of Bro-Ship. For instance:

Article 101 – If a Bro asks another Bro to keep a secret, he shall take that secret to his grave. This is what makes them Bros and not Chicks.

Ted, being a firm believer of The Bro Code, can make be the best Bro you’ve ever had.

So, Have you met your Ted yet?

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