7 Of The Most Horrifying Murderer Families In History

Here are the most notorious spine-chilling slayer families in history.

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Serial killing... the very word is immensely horrifying! Our society, however, has both been repulsed, and fascinated, by the evil, disturbed lives and minds of serial killers.

Serial killers are people who like to kill people, for no reason but their own mania. This whole game of killing becomes even more petrifying when you come to know that there exist not just lone murderers, but entire famiies of killers. Here are some notorious families who have earned a place in history with their spine-chilling acts:

1. The Bloody Benders

Source: youtube

A sweet small family of four members John Bender, his wife Kate, son John Jr., and daughter Kate, John owned a small general store. Seems like a very normal family, right? What if we told you that they killed more than eleven humans at their own place?

Source: youtube

Source: youtube

The Bender family lived in Labette County, Kansas, in the early 1870s. They used to offer travellers food, and give them a place to sleep for the night, thus luring the victim in. As soon as the victim would get trapped, a member of the family would hit him with a hammer and cut his throat.

Cops found ten bodies buried in their place. The family, however, managed to escape successfully and no one knows what happen thereafter.  

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2. Delfina and María de Jesús González

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Delfina and María de Jesús González were sisters from Mexican state of Guanajuato near Mexico City. Also known as Las Poquianchis, they created a Guiness world record- most prolific murder partnership- by killing 91 humans.

González sisters use to run a brothel, and when any women got sick, refused to have sex with the customers or got pregnant, the sisters killed them by starving or beating them.

Cops found numerous foetuses along with the dead bodies. González sisters also killed male customers for money. Later on, two other sisters, Carmen and Maria Luisa, also aided them in the crimes, although they were not included in the Guinness title. According to some reports, María’s son was also involved in the murders, although there is no strong evidence about this.

Both of them sentenced to 40 years in prison in 1964. Delfina died in police custody while Maria finished her sentence and dropped out of sight after her release, and later, died.

3. The Tarverdiyeva family

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Source: dailyrecord

This case was a big highlight a few years back. Former nursery teacher Inessa Tarverdiyeva, 46, and her second husband Roman Podkopaev, 35, a qualified dentist, murdered over thirty people in Russia from 2007 to 2013. Inessa Tarverdiyeva gave up her job for robbing and killing people.

Inessa, her husband and her two daughters were all involved in the spate of ruthless serial killings.Their victims include six policemen, some of them murdered for their weapons, and some just for their money. When cops arrested Inessa she said, "I am a gangster by nature," and killing was a "means of earning money."

4. The Briley Brothers

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Linwood Earl Briley, James Dyral (J.B.) Briley, and Anthony Ray Briley brother made the whole of Richmond, Virginia tremble with terror in 1979. The eldest, Linwood committed his first murder at the age of 16.

Source: mylifeofcrime

The Briley Brothers raped, murdered, and robbed over eleven people, including a teenager by crushing her skull with a piece of concrete and a pregnant woman with her five-year-old child. According to some news publications, after cops caught them, the brothers managed to escape from prison, although they were later caught and sentenced to death by electrocution.

5. Sawney Bean Clan

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 Alexander "Sawney" Bean was born in the later part of the fourteenth century in East Lothian, Scotland, although the existence of Bean Clan is yet a question. They supposedly lived anytime between the 13th and 16th centuries in Scotland. Sawney Bean and his wife were professional robbers.

Bean would kill the victims after the robbery so he wouldn't get caught, and later came up with an idea of eating them as well. The Bean couple started eating humans and they were also raising their children on a diet of human meat. As the children grew up, they began to take part in the murdering and the cooking. All 48 members of the family were captured and executed for their crimes. All of this is history passed down by word-of-mouth, of course.

6. The Harpe Brothers

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Some facts say Harpe Brothers were actually cousins not siblings, however, they are known widely known as brothers. The Harpes fought for the British in the Revolutionary War, from 1781 to 1799. 

The Harpes murdered dozens of victims from Tennessee to Illinois. As reported, they chose travellers or pioneers as their victim, and they were even rumoured to have murdered their own children.

One of the brothers was shot by a family member in 1799, and before his death, he confessed that he committed at least 20 murders. Another brother was executed in 1804.

7. Kelly Family

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Kelly family consisted of husband, wife, son, and daughter. They made headlines in the 1880s for killing many people. In 1887 a hunt for a missing drummer lead to searching the Kelly house, and the cops found five bodies in the cellar and four buried under the stable.

The cops found an axe covered with human fleas and hair. The whole family was booked and the investigation started, the family confessed that they killed nine men and two women, they targeted mostly the rich people who stopped to stay at their place.

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