7 Innovations That Were Fuelled By The Internet

EVER since the Internet arrived in late 1980s,We have created a list of such innovations that would not have been possible without Internet:

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EVER since the Internet arrived in late 1980s, there has been no looking back. Today, it has become an essential part of our life, something which we simply cannot live without. And the explosive growth of Internet over the past 2 decades has fuelled some major innovations in the the industry. We have created a list of such innovations that would not have been possible without Internet:

1. Optic-Fibre

Source: Criticalninja

With the expansion of the Internet, it was becoming clearer by the day that the speed of the internet has to be increased. And there comes the optic fibre. Originally designed to scan the human body without opening it, it was later engineered to facilitate transfer of data through cables at the speed of light (3,00,000 km/sec).

2. The Cloud

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With all the data being used by the Internet, where would you keep it? Everyone having their own individual storage was not feasible as there are limitations on the size as well as the security. This triggered the invention of cloud computing and storage. There are large servers operated by supercomputers that store and compute data in secure places. Today all big companies like Google, Amazon and Microsoft use the Cloud for their operation.

3. Wireless communication

Source: Extremetech

Imagine the tangle of wires in case there was no wireless communication. While Internet came a lot later after the invention of wireless communication, but it definitely speeded up the advancements in technologies like Wifi, 3G and 4G LTE. Imagine our life without these!

4. Banking

Source: Wallpaperscraft

If we look back at the days before Internet banking became a reality, we see everyone going to the banks and standing in ques to deposit/withdraw money. Then came e-banking. With everything at our fingertips, it now baffles the new generation as to how the world even worked without e-banking.

5. Online Shopping, Booking

Source: Widelore

Who goes to the markets these days? If you can buy anything from your smartphone and book a ticket to any corner of the world, why should you ever leave your chair? This not only opened up immense business opportunities for all but also streamlined all transactions by making them available to everyone at any point of time.

6. Cyber arena

Source: Pcmag

We are inherently mistrustful and with the global reach of internet came the issue of security. It became clear that through Internet a lot of damage can be done like hacking security data, using satellites for military purpose, stealing money through banks. It is said that World War III could be a cyber war. These issues bolstered the technology needed to keep the internet secure, be it your antivirus or the state-sponsored cyber security.

7. Maps

Source: iDownloadblog

Even if we want to travel around our own city, we use Google maps (Apple maps for those on the other side). But this would not have been a reality had there been no Internet. We would still be relying upon the the paper maps, or in some cases maybe even just rough sketches. It has made travelling around much easier and not to mention even getting to know your own area better!

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