7 Incredible Gifts To Give Your Girlfriend This Year!!

We bring you some of the most different and unique gift ideas that will surely make your girlfriend happy or maybe your “Girlfriends” happy.

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If you think that teddy bear or chocolates will do this time too then you are surely wrong! Everyone has a problem deciding gifts and when it comes to girlfriend, one can actually go blank and clueless about it. So we bring you some of the most different and unique gift ideas that will surely make your girlfriend happy or maybe your “Girlfriends” happy.

1. Spa Vouchers

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Yes, spa will work wonders if you want to pamper your girl! If you feel your girlfriend is tired after so many hours of work and you don’t want to tire her more then spa is the best way to tell her that you care for her! What more is that you both can go for a double spa for that soothing and relaxing moment! So gift her some Spa vouchers or join it and enjoy the experience. It’s the perfect way to spent time together and just relax and enjoy each other's company!

2. Personalized Jewelry

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Now, every girl has a pendant, has rings and bracelets. But what will make it different will be her name written on the pendant or some hidden quote in the ring that only you two understand. This will make her feel really special and important. One can gift those charm bracelets in which you can add up things like a small Eiffel tower or her favorite pet! All these things will be personalized and only and only for her! Wouldn’t that be great and special?

3. Open When Letters

Source: footmvp

Now, this one is little time consuming but trust me she will cherish your hard work throughout her life! All you need to do is actually write hand written small notes for her for some situations that she will deal and will need you. For example, the title will be “Open when you are Sad” and write some cute things inside the letter so that she feels motivated and inspired. Some other open when letters can be “Open when you don’t feel confident” to “Open when you can’t sleep”. She will actually love these small tokens and will feel your presence even if you’ll not be with her.

4. Meal at the restaurant where you first met

Source: datenightsource

Remember that first meal of yours when things were little bit awkward and cute? If you really remember the first restaurant you took her to then take her again to that place and plan a romantic dinner or meal for her. Always remember it’s not important for the place to be big or famous, just show some care and love for your girl because girls know when a guy truly loves them! So you can take her to your first restaurant and tell her why it is special and how you cherish the moments still.

5. Beautiful ring

Now for this there are three steps!

Source: olorisbookshop

Step 1: Present her a periodic table

Step 2: Ask her “Which metal/nonmetal she finds beautiful?”

Step 3: Get her a ring of that anyhow!

Source: wikipedia

Note: For the following procedure your girl must know what a periodic table is otherwise the results can be harmful!

6. Personalized Song

Source: medium

A personalized song is a song which is specially written for your loved one, has original composition and lyrics! What best can describe your feeling other than music? You can actually gift her song in your voice. There are some companies which can make your song and record it. All you need to do will be listening to the song, record it in your voice from your phone and email them. The syncing of song will be done by them and your song will be ready! What more a girl wants? They even make videos so check it out.

7. Shopping Vouchers

Source: jurysinns

Now, if you can take her shopping, well and good since she never likes your choice! Other option would be to gift her some shopping vouchers so that she can herself choose what she wants and never nag about it later. If your girlfriend is too choosy and you both are actually opposites then this is the best option one can do for her!

In the end, little flowers or chocolates would never harm anyone!!

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