7 Female Characters From Games That We All Had A Crush On

We all have played games and we all fell in love with it.As the bond grew stronger and deeper we found something that we only had in real life - crushes.

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We all have played games and we all fell in love with it. As the bond grew stronger and deeper we found something that we only had in real life - crushes. These ladies are so perfectly designed in every aspect that it is nearly impossible for anyone to not have a thing for them.

1. Mia Townsend aka Josie Maran (Need for speed Most Wanted)

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The one game that redefined gaming and presented us all with this goodness of cute looks and seductive accent! Mia was the one girl that everyone had the biggest crush on. She was engineered in the storyline so well that players cannot help but feel for her. Even though she goes on to betray everyone, she remained everyone’s love interest.

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She is not just a game character, she is an actual person. This is a good news for all of us, our first crush was a living, breathing person and not just a code.

2. Kitana, Jade and Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

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It’s impossible for a guy to not develop feelings for this triplet. The cosplaying ladies look exactly like the characters did in the game. Only these are full of life and they were not. Still we fell hard for them. Come on, look at them how gorgeous they are! How can you not love them?

Source: mortalkombat.wikia

Kitana and her sisters were one of the reasons as to why everyone loved playing Mortal Kombat. No one probably remembers that Kitana loves to chop people down, Jade would slice you open with her shuriken or rip you in half and Mileena has a thing for faces, she loves to feast on them.

3. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

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The first female protagonist that we all fell in love with and then Hollywood made a crappy movie adaption of the love our life ruining everything that we held close to our hearts about Lara Croft. Reasons we all loved her was because she was a complete package capable of being a total badass having the face of an innocent and cute girl. Admit it, a lot of us played the game just to stalk her.

4. Ada Wong (Resident Evil)

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The only lady in the Resident Evil series that was present in the original and never needed to be taken care of at all, unlike Ashley who constantly whined and roamed about the whole freaking game. Ashley was also gorgeous but her annoying behaviour trumped her beauty a million times over. This is why we all loved Ada Wong. She is a thing of a beauty and knows her way around everything and is really very helpful. Love you Ada if you were a doll you’d be the best in the world.

5.Catwoman (Batman)

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Catwoman may not be as awesome as our good old cape wearing, crime fighting God, Batman, but she still was pretty famous. It was not because of her skill sets. She was famous because she was the only female character in that game that was not nuts and at the same time was a Goddess of beauty. Catwoman was everyone’s favourite because of that one reason only.

6.Nina Williams (Tekken)

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We all wondered why a fine lady like Nina was doing in a game like tekken. Tekken was one of those pioneer games that totally hooked many of us in PvP battle games that put up two warriors in death battle. It had all kinds of creatures and bar brawlers and among the heap of ugliness came forth the mesmerising beauty Nina Williams. She certainly was awesome in game too. It never really mattered whether we won or lost a battle, having Nina on the screen totally made our day.

7.Trish (Devil May Cry)

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We can’t get enough of this total package of hotness. Trish was the one character that we all wanted to hook up with Dante, so that we can get to see some sort of action between our favorite demon hunters. Trish was indeed the one character that we all drooled on in the game or even in the anime. She never failed to impress us and we all wished for a woman like her.

Which one of these ladies from gaming world you had a crush on? Or did we miss out on your favorite? Let us know in the comment below.

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