7 Common Diseases In Indian TV serials, Which Are Not Common At All!

When the diseases come in, medical science goes out of the door! Almost everyone seems to survive these deadly diseases and make a complete recovery!

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Remember Mahabharat, Shanti, Malgudi Days and Hum Panch? These are some of the iconic TV serials which were not only like a mirror to the real world but also left their memories with us. Now the scenario has completely changed as Indian TV shows are getting more and more detached from reality in terms of storylines.

Some weird, crazy things that happen in these serials are just pathetic and very unnatural. Sometimes these TV serials challenge medical science and make their own.

Poor lead characters have to face some overly-cheesy love stories, bizarre mother-in-laws, an atrocious villain who is always trying to trouble them and if all doesn’t work the worst kind of illnesses or disease does it.

So, here are some typical Illnesses in TV serials which have challenged all the foundations of medical science!

1. Brain Tumour

Right from Kum Kum, Saas Bina Sasural to Sadda Haq this very uncommon ailment is the most common one in Indian TV serials. They make an illusion that the actors discover that a throbbing headache which points to a tumour in the head!! 

2. Mental Illness  

Remember that mental illness where the lead become like a kid, so when you need the plot to start doing something interesting, just show one of the lead character mentally ill, then let him/her marry, and dramatically make everything picture-perfect once again!

3. Cancer

It seems when makers of TV serials don’t understand what to do to introduce some seriousness, they simply introduce the character with cancer. Remember that bone marrow cancer from Doli Armaanon Ki which only can be cured when his sibling gives him the needed transplant? Well, they all survive cancer after having some melodrama.

4. Plastic surgery

A TV serial cannot be completed without a Plastic Surgery. This is an erudite move to replace any character. Just kill the character and do a plastic makeover for some episodes and then, tadaa! Welcome old character with a new face and a new voice and a new height and all new!!

5. Coma

Karan Mehra aka Naitik from Ye Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai slept for years because he was in Coma. After getting up, he was as normal as everybody, yah right!  Coma is all time favorite illness of TV serial makers to give the actor a holiday.

6. Memory Loss

Mai Kaha Hun, Mai Kon Hun? Yah, yah you got it right. This is the easiest way to escape or relax when you have nothing to show, and you might remember the most over-the-top drama Kumkum Bhagya, yes that show where the lady was pregnant for over 12 months and its lead character lost his memory. He then suddenly remembered all except his wife. Well, seriously? Come on!

7. Heart Attack

From Babuji to Maataji, heart attacks have set a trend on TV serials. Have to convince daughter for marriage? Heart attack! Stop a wedding? Heart attack!

Thank god the real life is a little more... um... realistic. Just imagine if all of this were to come true!

 After reading this we can only say RIP medical science!!

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