7 Cafes And Outlets That Nagpur NEEDS To Have

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Nagpur, the centre of India and on road to become a smart city, is quite back in the line when it comes to food outlets and cafes. So we have enlisted these outlets that Nagpur needs to have:

1. Hard rock café

Source: Juzdeals

Hard rock cafes are situated in hundreds of unique locations all around the world. The picture-perfect café with an unforgettable combination of live music and food can have you spell bounded and leave a timeless impression on your heart.

2. McDonald’s

Source: Indiamarks

McDonald’s has more than 32k local restaurants and serves about 58 million people each day. The extraordinary toys and noteworthy happy meals along with the freshly served Maharaja Mac can be a treat to every Indian foodie, including Nagpurians.

Parapa pa pa! We will be lovin’ it, we promise!

3. Little Italy

Source: Restaurantandbardesignawards

One of the finest Italian chain of restaurants, Little Italy offers Italian as well as Mexican cuisines. Known for its weekend brunch, it has progressive technology and fast services to give a treasured experience to the customer.

4. Burger king

Source: Qz

Burger king has almost 13000 food chains in more than 79 countries. Famous for its flame grilled and freshly prepared foodstuff, it has king sized burger to offer, which is pretty obvious though looking at its name. But still, king size? What did we do wrong?

5. Starbucks

Source: Tata

Starbucks, known for its blended handcrafted beverages and exclusive merchandise, is located in 50 countries all across the globe, with 15000 stores offering its rich tradition and creating an exceptional experience. So why not in Nagpur?

6. Dunkin’ doughnuts

Source: Bloomberg

An every-day stop for signature doughnuts and a variety of hot and iced beverages, Dunkin’ doughnuts has 11000 outlets all across the world. Famous for its baked goods, it has a wide range of doughnuts to offer with engaging flavors and tastes.

7. Taco bell

Source: Businessinsider

Taco bell has around 6500 restaurants only in the USA and it is known for its tacos, nachos and burritos. They have a flavored variety of aerated drinks chemically formulated to taste good with their food. And sometimes, they offer unlimited drinks, I mean how cool is that!

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