7 Beyond Belief Reasons Why You Must Read Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy

A banker turned writer, he is now entitled as ‘India’s first literary pop-star’.

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Amish Tripathi, born in Mumbai, grew up in a religious household. His grandfather, being a Pandit and a teacher at Banaras, along with his parents inculcated religious and worldly learnings on him. Belonging to a middle-class family, he was forced to make some career choices which made him unable to opt for History, his favorite subject. A banker turned writer, he is now entitled as ‘India’s first literary pop-star’.

Here are a few lesser known facts and reasons why you must read Shiva Trilogy (and of course the upcoming Ramchandra Series):

1. Amish’s debut, first of Shiva Trilogy, made a record breaking sell

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Immortals of Mehula, first part of the Trilogy published in 2010, is a re-imagination of the Shiva, set in the land of Mehula. Shiva, the protagonist, fights against the evil forces moving the story forward. This novel made a record-breaking sell within the first few weeks of its launch, making him an internationally acclaimed writer.

2. The publishers paid Amish 6.63 crores for the third part even before he started writing it

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The first two parts of the trilogy were such a huge success that the West-land publishers paid him a whooping 6.63 crores even before he started writing the third and the last part to the trilogy.

3. The Shiva Trilogy has been translated into 14 languages

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The trilogy, consisting of the books: Immortals of Mehula, The secret of the Nagas and The Oath of the Vayupurtras, brought huge commercial success with the trilogy getting the status of the most rapidly sold books in Indian History and was thus translated into 14 languages.

4. His first part to the series was rejected by every publisher

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After the rousing success of the mythological and legendary trilogy on Shiva, it might be hard to believe but is true nevertheless that the first part was rejected by all the publishers, who believed that the readers would be more interested in love stories and other subjects than mythological/religious biopic. This forced the writer to go for self-publishing of the book.

5. Amish is an atheist turned believer

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Amish, belonging to a religious family, admits to be an atheist earlier in his life. Being firm with his beliefs, he used to refuse entering the temples and rather used to stand outside. While writing on Shiva, he underwent a great transformation from an atheist to a believer.

6. Movie rights for Immortals of Mahula have already been bought

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Karan Johar’s Dharma Productions has already bought the film rights of the first part. The ‘Kal Ho Na Ho’ director believes that the movie adaptation of the book will be a game changer, starring Tiger Shroff as the protagonist.

7. This series is a tribute to Lord Shiva

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With minute details and knowledge about the religious and ancient Indian mythology, this book is a blend of fiction and facts. With an art of storytelling and a captivating imagination, he is able to grip the reader’s attention till the very end like no other book of the same genre has managed to do ever before.

Amish Tripathi, with his Shiva Trilogy and an upcoming Ramchandra Series, has gripped the devotions of even those (including non-Indians) who were miles away from Indian traditions, epics and folklore. Bringing to light our ancient mythology in a very interesting and extraordinary way, he has managed to leave a mark on Indian Literature forever.

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