7 Benefits Of Chocolates That You Did Not Know

The mouthwatering advertisements of chocolates and the smooth, silky experience when they melt in your mouth are really tempting.we’ve this article for everyone

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The mouthwatering advertisements of chocolates and the smooth, silky experience when they melt in your mouth are really tempting. But chocolate is categorized under junk food. Not only do the little children suffer from this notion but so do we, and this is why we’ve this article for everyone out there who think chocolates are unhealthy:

1. They reduce depression

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Despite being rich, creamy and delicious, chocolates are good for mending hearts. Chocolates contain certain chemicals which help you feel good. They are also known to reduce depression and as a result whenever you feel sad and if you consume chocolates, your mood lightens and you feel good.

2. Chocolates help you lose weight

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Chocolates have proven to be helpful in weight loss. A small cube of chocolates if melted on the tongue for 20 minutes gives a feeling of being ‘full’ and so it cuts the amount of food consumption and also reduces subsequent snacking implying on weight loss.

3. They increase blood flow and lower blood pressure

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Dark chocolates consist of certain chemicals that are known to stimulate hormones, produce nitric oxide and in turn reduce blood pressure. Many trials have also shown that cocoa and dark chocolates can improve blood flow.

4. They are good for your skin

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The chemicals in dark chocolate can protect the skin against the sun and its scorching rays. The improvement in blood flow due to dark chocolates might help your skin to look healthy and hydrated and keep you from sun induced damages.

5. They may prevent diabetes

Source: food.ndtv

Dark chocolates are known to possess less sugar than other chocolates and they also contain cocoa. Cocoa has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. So dark chocolates might as well prevent diabetes.

6. Chocolates promote brain development

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The compounds in dark chocolate consist of flanovols and other chemicals which impart anti-inflammatory qualities which are in turn beneficial in treating brain injuries and memory loss. The cocoa is found out to be significant in improving cognitive function, verbal fluency and other risky diseases.

7. Reduces the risk of stroke

Source: science-all

A proven study tells that chocolate reduces the risk of a stroke by 17 percent in average men. Regular consumption of dark chocolate can reduce the danger and risk of heart diseases.

Other than these, there are other benefits of chocolates:
They taste amazing and we can never get enough of them.

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