7 Basic Ideas Of Life Which Form The Basis For The Epic Harry Potter Series

Harry potter is all about magic but his world and the people in it are humans. And this wizarding extravaganza can be a message to us in all respects.

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Harry potter is all about magic but his world and the people in it are humans. And this wizarding extravaganza can be a message to us in all respects.

1. The victory of good over evil

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The series has a clichéd ending wherein Harry kills Voldemort with a simple magical spell freeing the magical world of all cruelties of Voldemort. We have similar ends to all our mythological stories (Ram-Raavan, Krishna-Kansa) inspiring you to believe in the power of all the things which are good. The plot leads us to believe that even in turbulent times one must hold on to his faith and always keep an optimistic approach. Just as it is said, it is always easier to choose the simpler route but it is important to choose the right path even if it is difficult.

2. The gravity of death

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We take our lives, our breaths for granted! The pain on losing our precious people and the agony caused by their absence can be realized when we see Harry longing for his dead parents and friends. Throughout the series he lost many friends and well wishers who saved him making him value death more than anything. This gives a message that we should value our lives and live each moment to the fullest.

3. The Value of Parents

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Harry didn’t have parents. He misses them, he longs for them and he feels lonely and sad. Every child should feel grateful and blessed because he has parents to guide him, protect him and be with him when he needs them the most. We are what are parents make us and their absence plays a major part on how we are brought up.

4. The Importance of True Friendship

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Friends are a very important part of our lives. Harry has two best friends who stick to him through thick and thin and are always there to support him. They play a major role in defeating Voldemort. In real life too the company you keep matters a lot, as they are the people who reflect your personality and help you to become the person you are. So having friends who are honest, truthful and faithful is of utmost importance. Harry is nothing without Ron and Hermione! Even Luna, Neville and the many that died for his cause underline the value of friendship.

5. The Luck Factor

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There were moments where Harry defeated Voldemort with a bit of luck. Whether it is his mother’s protective charm that shielded him for years and having narrow escapes or Dumbledore’s wit of making him the master of the three Deathly Hallows, it is something of a mystery however we often have such coincidences in real life too. It is said that luck favours the brave and this certainly comes true in the case of Harry Potter.

6. The sacrifices for love

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It doesn’t matter if we go to the world’s end in order to protect and help our loved ones without thinking of ourselves or the consequences thereafter. There is a reason why unconditional love is the essence of the human world and it takes various forms right from sacrifice to benevolence.

7. The Belief in Living Life

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In the course of his life and his war against evil, Harry faces many difficult, life-threatening and strenuous situations. But he braves them all and comes out a winner. A message to all those people who lose hope and kill themselves-Suicide is a cowardly act and shows escaping tendencies. Have faith, learn to be strong and face the ups and downs of life. You’ll definitely win…just like Harry Potter did…

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