Jallikattu Is Not Alone: 7 Animal Sports That Are Still Enjoyed In Many Countries

With Jallikattu not going down without fighting, we list out other such sports which demand attention.

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In a recent news, it has been reported that the decision involving the ban on Jallikattu will be challenged in Supreme Court. With the ongoing controversy regarding the ancient sport, we decided to have a look at other such sports that involve animals. Whether they should be continued or banned, is up for debate. Have a look below:


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Probably the most famous in this list, this ancient practice of fighting bulls in the rink is still prevalent in many countries like Span, France and Mexico. In some places, it is even protected by law. The fight usually culminates when the bull is slain at the end by the fighter.

Elephant polo

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The name is self-explanatory. Players ride the elephant along with the mahut and play polo. The game is managed by World Elephant Polo Association and is played in Nepal, Thailand, Rajasthan (India), Sri Lanka, England and Scotland. The sport has been on the decline in recent times as many have called for a ban.


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Like Jallikattu, this too is an ancient sport. It involved pitting two roosters (cocks) against each other for a fight. The fight often gets bloody with some fights even resulting in the death of one of the roosters. The sport is still played in countries like Columbia, France, Mexico and Cuba.

Dog Fighting

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As the name suggests, this sport involves two dogs fighting each other in front of the audience. They are made aggressive and are many times starved prior to their fight. Many times the loser is killed by his owner after the fight. Though it is banned in many countries today, it is still legal in Japan and some parts of Russia.

Horse riding

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This is an Olympic sport and needs no introduction. The horses are kept in a good condition and are cared for well, but many claim that after they are past their use, the animals are given away to slaughterhouses or experimental trails and die a not-so-good death. 


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The official sport of many states in the US, Rodeo involves many types of plays like riding the bull, wrestling, racing etc. A backlash from animal welfare supporters has mellowed down the sport a bit in recent years. Other than the US, it is played in Canada, Spain, Mexico, Southe America and New Zealand.

Camel wrestling

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Played majorly in Turkey, with the history going back to over 200 years, this sport involved two camels fighting it over a female in heat. Many times they are starved in order to make them more aggressive. Other than Turkey, the sport is practised in some parts of Asia and the Middle East.

While a majority of these sports include precautions for animal welfare, they are far from ideal. Let's hope some solution can be worked out if these sports are to continue in the future. If you think you can add some more to the list, feel free to comment below:

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