6 Weird Fears That You Had No Idea About

Everybody knows about fear of heights, fear of depths or fear of darkness. But do you know there are also some weird fears which you never knew about!

Amathophobia, Ereuthophobia, Ornithophobia, Triskaedekaphobia, Pteronophobia

Everybody knows about fear of heights, fear of depths or fear of darkness. But do you know there are also some weird fears such as fear of vomiting, fear of blushing or fear of strangers ???? Well no individual is same and so fear can't be same too. This time we'll tell you about some weird fears which you never knew about!

1. Amathophobia

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This is fear of dust! There are actually some people who really have goosebumps just by thinking of the dust particles. For them Cleanliness is actually next to godliness. These people get conscious thinking about how many dust particles would attack them if they go to a nearby store.

2. Genophobia

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This fear is of sex. Well, now you know the reason why some people are actually single! For these people trusting each other or living with each other is not a problem at all. The real problem lies with sleeping with each other and they get horrible ideas about sex.

3. Ereuthophobia

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Well, this fear is of blushing. Almost everyone experiences the feeling of blushing once but these people are scared of blushing since they don't know or for them it's hard to accept the reaction of their loved ones to it. They have nightmares and don't know how will they react and so they fear it.

4. Ornithophobia

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This fear is fear of birds. People generally get scared from big birds such as vultures and eagles but in this case they fear every little bird up there!

5. Triskaedekaphobia

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Number13! These people fear from number 13 since many mythological concepts and theories say that number 13 is bad. Some people get scared from this number since it's considered bad in a few cultures.

6. Pteronophobia

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How many have hobbies of collecting feathers?? Make sure you don't show them to everyone since people having this phobia are feared of feathers. They just don't get good vibes or calming sensations and go horrible seeing feathers.

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