6 Ways To Deal With Introverts

Introversion is a personality trait which has many characteristics.Dealing with an introvert can make your head spin.So let's take you to these simple ways

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Introversion is a personality trait which has many characteristics. You might have seen some people who don't like to socialize and who find comfort in their home, sipping a coffee or reading a book. While dealing with an extrovert can be relatively easy, dealing with an introvert can make your head spin. So let's take you to these simple ways of dealing with introverts around you:

1. Make the first move

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Introverts are relatively shy and they would take forever to make the first move. So if you want them to be your company or your companion for a movie or a lunch, you will have to take the first step and you will have to be the conversation starter.

2. Respect their privacy

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Introverts are not out­going people. They like their own company much more than they like any human connection. They need ‘me time’ more than they would like spending time with anyone. So if you really want to befriend an introvert, you need to give them some privacy and you need to respect it.

3. Don’t force them to talk

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They are the kind of people who always stay back when it comes to conversations. So if they are the ones who call you back or text you back when you text them, it’s probably because you are important to them. So it won’t matter if you are unable to drag the conversation or unable to make them talk more. They don’t interact much, so you will have to get happy with the little conversations and you'll have to understand their silences.

4. Give them enough time

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Introverts are self­occupied and they don’t like much interaction. They have to be given enough time to get comfortable with someone’s company, open up and trust them completely. But when they trust you, they trust you with everything that they have. So you will have to be very patient and peaceful with introverts.

5. Don’t interact with them when you are angry or upset

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Nobody likes to talk to someone who is always nagging and whining about one thing or the other. Specially introverts. If you talk to them when you are angry or upset, they would probably maintain more distance from you and it would ruin your relationship. Don’t expect them to make you feel better about anything, they cannot help your miserable situation.

6. Don’t make them an extrovert

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Nobody likes to change for someone else. When it comes to introverts, they like their own company and they don’t prefer going out and socializing with others. The last thing they want is someone to drag them to a party or a social event. If they want to be alone, don’t try to force them or make them change.

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