6 Things You’ll Relate With If You’ve Ever Encountered The “Indian Mentality”

Growing up Indian, there are many things that we hear from our parents, relatives, neighbours and everyone else, which more often than not.

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Growing up Indian, there are many things that we hear from our parents, relatives, neighbours and everyone else, which more often than not, do not make the least sense to us. However, over the years we realise that it is better for our peace of mind to not question these, but just shrug it off as the typical Indian mentality. Here are some of these confounding things:

1. Pursue Engineering or Medical after your 12th standard!

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To be specific, for boys they always suggest Engineering and for girls, Medicine! Since they will feel proud that their daughter will be a doctor and their son will be an engineer. Yes of course they will feel proud, but it is unfair that people think there is no “Scope” in any other field!

2. “Beti Paraya Dhan Hoti Hai”

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Always, even if they are emotional or talk about our future, they go blank and say that daughters are meant to be somebody else’s fortune! No matter how much Indian dads love their daughters, every girl hears this expression so many times in her whole life! There is nothing wrong in it, yes every girl marries and settles and leaves her home but thinking of her as someone else’s property is not remotely right!

3. Sex is Bad

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Talking about sex is a taboo in India! No one talks about it openly but if you do you are considered cheap and shameless! Girls end up in risky situations as they are not taught about “Bad Touch” and realize later that they should have talked about it!

4. Elders are always right!

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Yes, they are right, because of the experience they got in their life! But does that mean they are always right, even if they continue with their narrow thinking? In India people are very confused between the concepts of respect and agreement. They think that if you respect someone you should always agree but if you don’t then you don’t respect the person! Is it really so?

5. You are not allowed to play with lower caste/class children!

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Your society watchman’s son is not allowed to play with you because he is not considered a human, got it? He is impure because he is poor and doesn’t deserve our respect. Yes, we talk about ethics and love but we never follow it!

6. Teachers can never be wrong!

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This came from ancient India, where teachers were respected and worshipped more than parents even! Earlier teachers actually used to be the most intelligent members of society and were given respect everywhere they went, but nowadays it’s not the same.  Yes teachers are still intelligent but think again; they can be wrong too, sometimes- after all, we are humans!

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