6 Moments In Your Life Where You Are Like ”Aaj Khush Toh Bohot Honge Tum!”

Here are six moments in your life where all you want to do is  shout out loud to the universe…”Aaj khush toh bohot honge tum!”

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Thanks to Bollywood we have the perfect reaction for all the harsh realities we face on a daily basis. Here are six moments in your life where all you want to do is  shout out loud to the universe…”Aaj khush toh bohot honge tum!”

1. When your morning alarm backstabs:

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It’s a khooni Monday morning, the first task is to be on time for your class. The moment of truth arrives when after a refreshing sleep you wake up to no morning alarm buzzing, and that is when you realize, ”Life is a race, if you do not run fast you will be like a broken anda!”, and you go #AajKhushTohBohotHongeTum!

2. When you miss the green signal by two seconds:

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That time of the day when you drive like Mr. Hamilton on the race course; the countdown on the traffic signal goes 3…2…1…and bam! Red is the signal and so is your face, and you be like #AajKhushTohBohotHongeTum!

3. When you do your homework and the teacher is absent:


It’s the only time you choose to be a sincere kid in class. You complete your homework the previous night in the hope of your goodness shining bright as the morning sun, just when you get the news that your teacher is absent and you cry #AajKhushTohBohotHongeTum!

4. When you are ditched by your internet during the online season sale:

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It’s a do or die situation. It’s End of Season sale on your favorite shopping portal, and just when you are about to hit “Buy”, you lose your internet connection…you bleed internally and go #AajKhushTohBohotHongeTum!

5. High hopes from the late pizza delivery:

Source : ignarchives

When you know that your pizza guy took more than 30 mins to deliver your pizza and you pin hopes of it costing you zero paise, he hands you the pizza box with a list of *TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. You have no option but to pay the bill and scream #AajKhushTohBohotHongeTum!

6. Because Arnab wants India to know:

Source: bfd

It was a long day at office, loads of files and even more fake smiles. Badly in need of a relaxing evening in front of the TV, you return home to a prime time nok-jhok session by Arnab and the only audience is your dad, and you cannot complain because…India wants to know (apparently), and you go #AajKhushTohBohotHongeTum!

If you have any more situations from daily life, or any annoying friends who make you as angry as Big B from Deewar, share with us in the Comments below, and tag those pests in this post on Facebook!

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