6 Mandatory Apps For The Daily Push You Need & For Your Productivity

We got these mandatory apps that you need to have for the daily ‘push’ you need. Let’s take a look:

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With your mom yelling at the top of her voice to wake you up in the morning and you missing wake-up calls from your girlfriend (who is probably so mad at you for not answering her) and the unfinished work piling up on your desk with the to-do list incomplete and half-finished, all you can do is just to wish if life could get any simpler. But hey! We got these mandatory apps that you need to have for the daily ‘push’ you need. Let’s take a look:

1. Google Keep

Source: Playstore

App Size: 8.25MB

Keep helps you keep all the information instantly stored without any efforts. Capture pictures, make a list, make quick notes, record a voice note and so much more with just a tap on your screen! It also helps you assemble your thoughts and lets you share it with your friends and family via different mediums!

2. Todoist: To-Do List, Task List

Source: Playstore

App Size: 7.42MB

This app can be a very useful one to enlist the pending tasks and to keep a check on your do-to list. The offline option adds up to the management of your tasks as well as to keep a check on your deadlines. Now no more pending work and threatening deadline!

3. Any.do: To-do List

Source: Playstore

App Size: 10.77MB

The app can get things done with calendar, a notepad, a board with sticky notes, a project management tool for small teams, daily scheduler and so much more. It lets you make a list with your friends and family and makes it easier to sync it. Planning and organizing collaborative work projects has been made easier!

4. Loop: Habit Tracker

Source: Playstore

App Size: 1.44MB

Loop can help you create as well as maintain new habits. It sends you notifications for the scheduled time every day and takes a note for the frequency of the task. It gives a habit score that calculates the strength of your habits. It has detailed graphs and statistics that covers the improvement of your habits and the progress report. Creating new habits and keeping a check on them has been made a cakewalk.

5. Haptik Personal Assistant

Source: Playstore

App Size: 8.4MB

Having a personal assistant on chat who can give you wake-up calls and set reminders for you is as amazing as this app can get. It provides shopping deals, food deliveries, reservations at restaurants for you, helps you pay your phone bills, can book your tickets, give you nearby addresses and help you with so much more!

So no more nagging your mom or your girlfriend to wake you up and no more pleading anybody to pay your bills, you got Haptik at your fingertips!

6. Reminders- Task reminder app

Source: Playstore

App Size: 3.85MB

This app can be useful for time based and location based reminders. It lets you set daily, weekly as well as monthly reminders and it sends notifications for the scheduled time that has been set. So now you can save important dates and meetings, and this app won't let you forget them!

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