6 Interesting Stories Behind World Famous Logos!

Brands are nothing if one cannot recognize them with one look at their logos.These logos have their story too! Find out what it took to make them up.

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Brands are nothing if one cannot recognize them with one look at their logos. Be it any brand, small or big, every brand has its logo, and we often note that they are very unusual and interesting. Just like any brand or people who have a story to tell, from being no one to someone, these logos have their story too! Find out what it took to make them and why they were made like that?

1. Jio

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India’s richest man and the chairman of Reliance Industries Limited launched the Reliance JIO Infocomm limited recently and is now the most popular provider of telecom and internet services. If you take a close look at the logo, then you’ll find that it is a mirror image of the word “OIL”. Why oil though? Well, the answer is that this word reflects Reliance’s journey starting from oil and petroleum exploration to the world of telecom and data mining!

2. Amazon

Amazon logoSource: logok

The Amazon logo is designed by Anthony Biles and is one of the most well-known logos of the web! Now there is one thing special in the logo that makes the company proud! The thing is the  arrow spanning from the letter A to the letter Z; it represents the idea that Amazon sells everything from A to Z! Also it represents the smile on the face of the customer shopping from their site, now in this logo the arrow has changed the game!

3. Baskin-Robbins

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In the year 1953, Baskin-Robbins launched an amazing concept in the market of ice creams! The concept was to offer a total of 31 different flavors. Now if you’ll observe closely, then in between the names of Baskin and Robbins one can see the number 31! When you see BR through it, the 3 part of B and 1 of R are written in pink! Now the concept of 31 flavors were cleared just so a customer could have a different flavor every day of the month! Isn’t it so thoughtful? Who doesn’t love ice creams anyway?

4. Sony VAIO

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Sony VAIO is the best example of hidden meanings behind logos! If you are a person who understands how a computer works, then this one is for you! If we see carefully, then the left side of the logo is made out of a wave symbol, which represents analog technology! While the right side is made out of numbers “1” and “0”- the two digits used in binary computing! In case you still wonder why it is so complicated, then VAIO stands for Video Audio Intelligent Organizer!

5. Toblerone

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Toblerone is the world famous Swiss chocolate that has a hidden bear in the snowy peak of Matterhorn illustrated in the logo! The mountain Matterhorn is located on the border of Switzerland and Italy. The bear is depicted as an homage to the town of Bern, where the Toblerone was originally manufactured. The bear is the official symbol of the town, one can spot it in the white space on the left side!

6. Pittsburgh Zoo

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The best logo for any Zoo is this one! For one second you can only see a tree but if you observe then the sides of the tree have a white space which makes up a monkey and lion staring each other! Another example of something very unique is this logo!

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