500 Crore Wedding Of Brahmani Reddy Will Give You Major Wedding Goals!

An extravagant and a star studded affair!

Brahmani Reddy, Janardan Reddy, Wedding, Wedding Goals

The wedding of Janardan Reddy’s daughter, Brahmani Reddy was an extravagant and a star studded affair. The wedding took place at the Palace Grounds, Bengaluru, decorated as Hampi city.

Over 50,000 guests were invited at the royal wedding.

The pictures will make everyone jealous af!

1. The wedding invite: Reportedly over five crore was spent just on the invitation. The invitation box had a LCD screen which on opening the box came alive! With the announcement ‘Brahmani weds Rajeev Reddy’

Source: businessinsider

2. The Hampi City Re-created!

Source: scontent

3. The Gorgeous bride and her beautiful jewellery

Source: scontent

4. While tying the knot!

Source: scontent

5. The Royal Mandap

Source: scontent

6. Premiere of the wedding

Source: theguardian

7. Plentiful offerings with the prayers

Source: india

8. ‘Just Married’

Source: southindiafashion

9. The attractive mandap

Source: ndtvimg

10. Blessings

Source: chitramala

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