5 Uncoventional Routes That People Took To Become Insanely Rich

Then there are some crazy paths that people started on that made them rich, and by ‘rich’, we mean SUPER. RICH.

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“Making money is simple” they say. “It comes and goes as you spend and earn” they say. But how to make the mythical seven-figures, they never say. It is probably because no one really knows! Finding a decent-paying job, making a switch or even working part-time is something that everyone does to earn their bread and butter. That conventional route does not lead anywhere close to the number we are talking about.

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Then there are some crazy paths that people started on that made them rich, and by ‘rich’, we mean SUPER. RICH.

1. Professional Gamers

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Games like DOTA 2, Counter-Strike and Starcraft have been the epicentre of e-sports for past 5-6 years. These games have grown so much that players with legit gaming skills can actually make tons of money out of them. Various teams and franchises have become millionaires. The youngest professional player to make a million dollars in online gaming is around 17 years of age. He goes by the name Sumail and plays DOTA 2 for the best team in the world (Evil Genius).

2. Youtube


If you can entertain and have got the brains, then hop onto the world of making videos. YouTube grants you the opportunity to start your own channel and create and share original content. If you have the ability to entertain and engage viewers, trust us, there is a lot of money here! Presently there are over 382 YouTubers with the millionaire tag.  

3. Million-dollar Pixel Homepage

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This is a one-of-a-kind internet tale and something similar to this feat  is unlikely to happen again. Alex Tew is a student who came up with the idea of setting up a webpage  which would have 1 million pixels on sale. Each pixel would cost $1. He set it up solely with the aim of supporting his education. Never in his dreams could he have imagined that his idea would actually earn him a million dollars. In less than 137 days every pixel of the homepage was sold and Alex became a 21-year-old millionaire back in 2005.

4. Online Streaming

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Online streaming platforms like twitch have become another unconventional way for people to make some serious money. “You can stream on YouTube as well”, you say? The difference is that online streaming pages provide you with greater opportunities to increase your revenues- from ads to donations to even creating your own merchandise. What a fantastic way of receiving huge paychecks! Just be online and do stuff! Look up CaptainSparklez, Nights blue 3, The Syndicate. These guys are living examples of this phenomenon!

5 Online Poker

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Did you ever imagine playing poker over the internet could make you a millionaire? Especially the rising trend of online poker. Everything is going virtual and things that are addictive and famous need a more accessible platform. This is exactly what has happened with poker. People like Dan Blitzkrieg, Doug Polk, Niklas Heinecker are famous around the world for cashing in on this opportunity and making millions out of it. The online poker industry itself makes 2-3 billion each year.

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