5 Things India Should Be Aware Of If Donald Trump Comes To Power

If Trump indeed comes to power, here are the 5 things we should look out for:

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MAKING brash statements to gain attention? Giving an half-formed opinion on every issue? Going on to rage if something goes wrong? Nope, we are not talking of a Hollywood celebrity, but of someone who could realistically become the President of The United States. While Donald Trump becoming the President may not be end of the world (arguably), it will drastically change the world’s outlook towards US. For India, it is of utmost importance given the newly created but still fragile partnership between the two biggest democracies.

If Trump indeed comes to power, here are the 5 things we should look out for:

Immigration and H-1B visa

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It is no big secret that Donald Trump wants to expel the 11 million illegal immigrants. However, a noticeable portion of this is made up of Indians. Another major issue is that Trump has been shouting about the Chinese and the Indians stealing their jobs. This will only make it difficult for the Indians to get the H-1B work visa if he becomes the President.

Political landscape involving China and Russia

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Unlike his predecessors, Trump is actually very keen on developing a close relationship with Russia and is not skeptical of Putin the way Obama is. In contrast to this, he has made claims that ‘China is raping us’ in trades and said that if he comes to power he will definitely alter these relations “US hold all the cards”. Theses relations will affect India as well seeing how the four countries have always had complicated relationships with each other.

Indo-US bilateral relations

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Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s leadership, the Indo-US relations have definitely improved a lot over the past 2 years but it could take a wrong turn with Trump in power he does not view India in the same light as Obama. What is most worrying is that it may push the relations further back instead of raising them to another level.

Business relations

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The billionaire business tycoon already has many investments made in India. This factor will be beneficial for India as he has always showed interest in Indian businesses. The only worrying factor could could be the involvement of politics in business, which could induce unnecessary complications.

On Pakistan

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This is quite an interesting topic of conversation as he has called Pakistan “the most dangerous country on Earth” owing to the presence of nukes in the country and the danger of them falling into the hands of terrorist groups that are still active in the country. He has mentioned that he will get India’s help in containing Pakistan. This could prove advantageous for India as it has opposed Pakistan’s home-grown terror for decades.

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