5 Reasons Why Your Marks Are Just Numbers On Your Report Card

While everyone out there is checking their result and your dad is probably comparing you with Sharma ji ka beta, we are here to save your back:

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A P J Abdul Kalam once said, “Sometimes it is better to bunk a class and enjoy with friends, because now, when I look back, marks never make me laugh, but memories do.”

While everyone out there is checking their result and your dad is probably comparing you with Sharma ji ka beta, we are here to save your back:

1. You’ll never get your school days back again

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Be it school days or college days, you will never be able to get back in time and enjoy them again. If you had enjoyed them, no regrets will trouble you. If you didn’t, well you might end up a topper with no good memories.

2. Nobody can judge you just on the basis of marks

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Sure, colleges judge you with your percentage. But when you come to the real world, your work speaks louder. Your skills and talents scream more than your mark sheet. You have a different gift and nobody can do it better than you. Be confident in your shoes with what you have and what you are and nobody can ever judge you.

3. Nobody will remember your marks

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When you graduate and get a job, nobody will ask you your marks of 11th grade’s mathematics paper. Nobody will really care when they see you independent and stable. It won’t really matter then. And someday soon, with all the headway and growing age, you will forget your marks too and all that you will remember is the good old school days and the fun memories to share with your kids and grandkids.

4. “Those who matter don’t mind”

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Marks are a mere number to differ a student from others on the basis of academics. While you might be good with math, your best friend might suck at it, so does it separate you from befriending him/her?

5. Achievements don’t have much to do with marks

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We all have different talents and different skills and marks don’t cover this creative side of ours. If you are good with cooking and you want to be a chef, your marks won’t matter then. If you love playing piano and want to be a pianist, marks can’t stop you.

For all those people out there to whom this article is dedicated, you are special. You can succeed in all your endeavors. Don’t let marks hinder your pathway to success. And nobody can stop you then.

All the best!

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