5 Most Common Foods That People Get Addicted To

Well, these all foods are consumed on a large basis and now they are an addiction. So we bring you the most common foods that people have become addicted to !

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Have you ever wondered why you can have a single potato chip and end up eating the whole bag? Or your french fries are just finished even when they are hot? Why is it that you need chocolate every now and then and your mouth still waters? Or why just the smell of popcorn can make you feel hungry? Well, these all foods are consumed on a large basis and now they are an addiction. So we bring you the most common foods that people have become addicted to !

1. Popcorn

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It's impossible for you to smell a popcorn and not eat it. Popcorn is in our list since people munch it now and then and still don't feel tired of it! The smell is irresistible and the reason behind this is chemicals like diacetyl and pentanedione which dissipate into the air by the heating process. And then when we breathe in the air, it sends off an immediate olfactory alarm to your brain and your tummy is ready for the snacking.

2. Potato Chips

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Sure potato chips taste amazing. The reason why it's challenging to put the bag down is also amazing. A study done at Oxford university claims that chips are addictive because of the crunchy sound they make as we chew them. Weird, isn't it?? While this addiction is subconscious, sound plays a big role in overall enjoyment of everything we eat. And this is the only reason that we don't eat chips that get stale or loose their crunchiness!

3. French Fries

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No one can resist a good, crisp, fresh, hot, salty french fry. A study published in the journal of neuroscience claims that the addiction of french fries or getting hankering for crispy little potato sticks may lie in the salt. While eating french fries you just stare off into the distance and wonder how were you so lucky to be experiencing this moment... Since salt is known as a distressful food, this might be the reason that most workaholics are addicted to french fries.

4. Cheese

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Cheese loaded pizza's and burgers, cheese topped nachos and sandwhichess are heaven for cheese lovers. The casomorphins present in the cheese is the answer to cheese addiction. A study in University of Michigan says that cheese also contains casein, which can make you feel euphoric and it is present in all dairy products but more in cheese. A cheese addiction is compared to having a drug addiction since you can't have enough of cheese!

5. Chocolate

Source: Healthguru

Chocolate is the most craved food in women. Women say that it produces an instant feeling of well-being. While the craving can occur as monthly cycle due to hormonal changes, the sugar present is actually the reason they get dependent on chocolate. The chocoholics love the aroma, nutrients, chemicals and they get "Pleasure Chemicals" received in their brain. Not only this, people get obsessed with chocolates and get anxious if they don't get it.

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