28 Reasons Why You Need Not Get Married Before 28

We have the comprehensive list of excuses to throw at them the next time they give you that simpering look and say “28 ke ho jaoge, ab to shaadi kar lo beta!”-

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We all have those hawk-eyed relatives who have the constantly updating database of eligible singles for you, as soon as you finish your education and land a job. We have the comprehensive list of excuses to throw at them the next time they give you that simpering look and say “28 ke ho jaoge, ab to shaadi kar lo beta!”-

1. You’re probably still paying off loans


2. You don’t have a place of your own


3. You need to save up for your wedding

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4. If you’re contemplating children, that needs saving too


5. You have to travel to so many places

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6. You are practically still a child yourself

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7. You haven’t bought that awesome gift for your parents


8. You probably haven’t experienced a real relationship till now


9. You haven’t done volunteer work, just for the satisfaction you derive from it

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10. Your friends still aren’t married

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11. You haven’t tried an extreme sport

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12. You don’t know how to cook (doesn’t hold only for women)

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13. You are not in shape yet

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14. You haven’t taken that crazy road trip yet

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15. You haven’t taken that one course you really wanted to do

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16. You’re not happy in your current job

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17. You haven’t explored yourself entirely

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18. You want to spend time with your own family before starting a new one


19. You want to spend time with yourself before finding someone


20. You haven’t found “the one”


21. You just got out of a serious relationship


22. You want to learn a new musical instrument or a dance style


23. You are still figuring out what you want to do with your life


24. You are a virgin!


25. You want to follow your favourite band across the world


26. Your ex is not married and you still have hopes


27. You love solitude over partnership!


28. You feel age is just a number


So next time those aunties bug you with marriage plans, shut them up like a boss!

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Know more reasons to remain the wild spirit you are? Share with us in the Comments below (we have annoying aunties too you know!).

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