GUIDE: Identify A 'Bhakt' Using These 21 Definite Signs

There are nationalists, right-wing supporters, Modi-fiers, and then there are Bhakts.Bhakts can usually be found in their natural habitat.

GUIDE, Bhakt, 21 Definite Signs, Modi Bhakt

There are nationalists, right-wing supporters, Modi-fiers, and then there are Bhakts. Bhakts can usually be found in their natural habitat (Facebook, Whatsapp, the US) condemning all policies which have not been written in Sanskrit on saffron-coloured paper. For more tips on how to identify a Bhakt, read on:

#1. Uses words like pseudo-secular, congressi, AAPtard, pseudo-liberal, adarsh liberal, anti-national, sickular, naxal, communist whenever he/she loses an argument.


Source: Devianart

#2. Talks shit about Muslims and Christians but prefers to work/study/live in USA, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia,etc


Source: Tumblr

#3. Does #2 but keeps ass and mouth shut in those countries.


Source: Giphy

#4. Does #2 and #3 and lectures people about being patriotic.


Source: Joe

#5. Wears leather shoes, doesn't let anyone know and will start barking if a non-hindu eats beef.


Source: Rukyulife

#6. Is impressed with the Gujarat model but prefers to stay in Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai or OUTSIDE India.


Source: Blogspot

#7. Believes that watching porn, dating, premarital sex, going to pubs and drinking are against Indian culture, even more so if a woman does it.


Source: Rebloggy

#8. Does all of the above himself/herself.


Source: Twisted Buzz

#9. Keeps praising Sanskrit/Hindi , denounces Western culture but prefers to send his/her child only to an English medium school. That too, a convent

convent-christmas-9 1_1421674059.gif

Source: Indiatimes

#10. Is disturbed by Westernization and scientific thinking but uses facebook and twitter to preach.


Source: Hackread

#11. Tries to project India as the first nation that had every technology in the world....but still got pwned by invaders.


Source: Buzzfeed

#12. Tells anyone who disagrees with Modi to go to Pakistan.


Source: Buzzfeed

#13. Calls the media 'presstitutes' when they criticize BJP.


Source: India

#14. Cries 'racism' when he/she gets beaten up/ killed /discriminated against abroad but prefers to (while in India) treat muslims, christians and lower caste hindus like shit.


Source: TrueGif

#15. Spreads misinformation about Nehru and Gandhi


Source: Oogif

#16. Believes that women should only sit at home and do housework but wants only a lady doctor during wife's pregnancy.


Source: Abisbrainfarts

#17. Will keep bitching about Bofors scam, 2G scam, Coal gate scam,etc but will remain silent about Vyapam scam and Lalit Modi scam.


Source: Zee News

#18. Can't get a girl/guy to like him/her, gets jealous of couples and joins a saffron organization to harass couples.


Source: Tumblr

#19. Believes that he has contributed massively to 'Digital India' by using the tricolour filter on his/her display pic. Probably, Free Basics without even knowing anything about them. Probably doesn't know about Net Neutrality either.


Source: World Times

#20. Believes that patriotism means supporting the BJP and only the BJP.


Source: Dawn

#21. Gets butthurt on reading this list.


Source: Wiki

Title Image: Vinod Narayan

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