This 15-Year-Old Has Created Sustainable Wood From Rice Waste, Encouraging Entrepreneurship In Young Girls

Inspiration and innovation is not bound by age!

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Every single day we hear people talking about environmental issues and its inevitable consequences but seldom do we come across people who actually step out and bring up eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for our so called “concrete nature.”

Bisman Deu hails from Chandigarh and was only 15 years old, when she invented a new category of sustainable wood that can be made from rice waste under the banner of Green Wood.

source: thebetterindia

She developed a prototype of the recycled wood by the amalgamation of husk resin. This unique invention of hers got placed in UNICEF’s State of the World’s Children Report in 2015. At the Social Innovation Relay- which is an international competition that encourages social innovations among school students- Green Wood bagged the prize for this brilliant winning idea.

“We have a farm in Northern India on which my family grows both wheat and rice. During the harvesting season, pollution levels dramatically shoot up because rice leaves behind husk and straw which the farmers end up burning, causing air pollution. I vividly remember, that during an evening walk with my dad, I saw huge, black clouds of smoke and later started coughing profusely. From a very young age, I wanted to know the why behind everything. This curiosity led me to research more about the properties of rice husk and later this research led on to me turning my mother’s kitchen into my laboratory and through experimentation, Green Wood was born.”

source: thebetterindia

Bisman has founded a campaign called Colour the World Pink which encourages young girls to take initiative and assume leadership in an attempt to stand out in this stereotypical world. On the name of her campaign she said, "Pink is often associated with stereotypical depiction of the feminine, but the colour also depicts independent thought and action."

We are proud of such girls who set an inspiration and benchmark amidst all the odds and pave the way for a better tomorrow and better India.

Information Source: thebetterindia
Title Image: thebetterindia

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