15 War Movies Which Will Double Your Respect for People in Uniform

The challenging historic events of any army always remain inspiring for every individual.We bring you some great movies of people in uniform who brought peace.

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Doctors and engineers and are every second or third person we see in our lives. These people are important for every country but apart from them we also have some people who work day and night just like them and the sad part is that they don’t get recognized as famous engineers or doctors or millionaires do. While we can live here peacefully there were many battles fought, some we  know and some we don’t, that brought us that peace. So we bring you some great movies that will actually change your perception for people in uniform.

1. Saving Private Ryan

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Directed by Steven Spielberg in the year 1998, this movie still wins the hearts of many. The story revolves around four brothers who work for army and three of them are killed. Now the operation is to send back the last brother home while he is still under some mission. But wait, after he is told about his brothers' death, will he really go back to his home? After 18 years since its release, this movie still connects with your heart and lets you know what real duty means! The movie won a number of awards like the Academy Award for Best Director, BAFTA Award for Best Sound, among many others.

2. Three Kings

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What if one day you find a map which leads you to gold hidden somewhere? You work hard day and night but there are still problems in your life. Will you go and search for the gold in order to ease your life? The movie directed by David O. Russell in the year 1999 tells us three different stories about three different men and how they unite to clear some of the false allegations against them. A must watch for everyone, a story that stands out from others and a message that you will never forget.

3. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

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Released in the year 2003 and directed by Peter Weir, the movie won two Oscars that year. Who says battles are fought only on land? The movie revolves around the pursuit of a private ship and how people actually make it work! A special movie which can’t be replaced yet and distinct from other movies, we surely recommend you to watch this one.

4. Born on the Fourth of July

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The movie came in the year 1989 and the lead role was played by Tom Cruise. We all make mistakes, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally. Tom Cruise plays as Ron Kovic and the story, based on an autobiography, revolves around him- how he became paralyzed after being a marine sergeant and what he did when he suddenly realized that he made a big mistake. The movie tells us so many different things about life and you should watch this at least once.

5. American Sniper

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The movie was released in the year 2014 and directed by Clint Eastwood. This is based on an autobiography of the most lethal sniper in U.S. Military history. The story revolves around the life of Chris Kyle; though he was excellent in his work, he couldn’t satisfy his family and remained disturbed after the wars he saw himself. His whole life was meant for serving others but he was betrayed by one of the people he was helping. What happened next? Well, you have to see the movie for that!

6. Good Morning Vietnam

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A 1987 comedy and military drama directed by Barry Levinson, the movie tells us a perfect example of friendship. Adrian Cronauer played by Robin Williams is a DJ who works for Armed Forces Radio Services and is liked by all because of his humor and the stock of new Rock-and-roll songs he always has. The film is very good and will surely make you laugh. Since good things are not constant, the movie shows us many different angles of one’s life and how we should handle them.

7. Pearl Harbor

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A 2001 American romantic War movie directed by Michael Bay, the movie depicts the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. A movie that shows lives which are far different from ours. A helping nurse, two best friends and a love triangle. But the movie does not end here as one man has to go and leave something behind. Who is the one?? Watch the movie for that which will make you feel the pain and joy both at the same time.

8. The Bridge on the River Kwai

http://www.welovemoviesmorethanyou.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/The-Bridge-Of-The-River-Kwai.jpgSource: welovemoviesmorethanyou

The movie came in the year 1957, won seven Academy Awards and was directed by David Lean. Considered as one of the greatest films in history, the story revolves around British prisoners-of-war who are instructed to build a bridge that would connect Bangkok and Rangoon. While some of the prisoners try to escape through the water there are a lot of other things going on too, including the betrayal of Japanese lieutenants themselves. But there is one man who tries hard to build the bridge and handles the entire situation. But how? See it yourself!

9. No Man's Land

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Directed by Danis Tanovic in the year 2001, the movie was set against the Bosnian War and also a received an Oscar. The movie revolves around two soldiers on two sides of the war (a Bosnian and a Serbian) who are trapped in a trench (no man’s land). It beautifully shows the emotional conflict between the two - they want to kill each other but, at the same time, want to get rescued. The incident is covered by an English reporter and the media pressure causes the UN Peacekeepers to swing into action and rescue the two soldiers and another one who is found wounded.

10. Fury

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Based on the last days of World War II, this war film was written starring Brad Pitt and directed by David Ayer in the year 2014. Fury is actually the name of the tank in the movie and the story revolved around five members of the army. They are assigned a difficult mission but most of the members are already killed as they are reaching near their goal. So what happens next? One can relate to the movie if people are lost one by one and the feeling of being alive or dead is one and the same. A must watch for everyone, this movie has a lot to tell.

11. Enemy at the Gates

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Directed by Jean Jacques Arnaud, the movie is based on a real war which is known as Battle of Stalingrad that happened in 1973. This movie came in the year 2001; it revolves around a person who wants to save his land from the enemies and finds a partner to help him. But will he be successful in saving his land from the ruthless people? The movie is an exception and will change your perception about wars!

12. The Guns of Navarone

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Based on Alistair MacLean's novel of the same name, the movie is directed by J. Lee Thompson and came in the year 1961. A mission to save 2000 British troops and to destroy a fortress by an expert team. Will they be successful or will they fail? The movie revolves around the team members and what they do. The movie covers different angles like love and work and will tell you something that no other movie can!

13. Inglourious Basterds

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Starring Brad Pitt, the movie is directed by Quentin Tarantino in the year 2009. The movie has five parts and shows two parallel stories of protagonists- Shosanna and Aldo Raine. The movie will give a close look between the struggles of the French and Jews with Nazi Germany at the height of its power. The movie swings between taking revenge and from infatuation to proper planning of a brutal killing. A plot has been made to kill all the Nazi leaders who are attending a movie premiere but there is another plan at the same time for the same venue! So who will succeed? What will Aldo do then?  Find out yourself by watching the movie.

14. Border

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The movie came in the year 1997 and was directed by J.P Dutta. The movie is actually based on real life incidents that happened in Rajasthan during the year 1971 and the movie had one of the largest star casts of Bollywood. The actors like Sunny Deol, Akshay Khanna, Sunil Shetty and Jackie Shroff were actually provided real uniforms and guns used by the army that time. The movie received a lot of appreciation and 14 awards, making a place in everyone’s heart till date.

15. Lakshya

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Directed by Farhan Akhtar, this movie came in the year 2004 and won hearts of many people owing to the story and acting by Hrithik Roshan. He played the lead role of Karan Shergill who is not at all serious about his life and what he wants to do and casually applies for the Indian Military Academy. While he is selected and goes further with his choice, he also faces a lot of twists and turns in his personal life. The movie is based on 1999 Kargil War and is considered a great Bollywood movie. Find out if Karan completes his mission and what happens to his love by watching the movie.

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